105 Reasons I Was Grateful – In One Day

These are all reasons I was grateful recently. I hope some items on this list speak to you.

  1. That I can and often do experience resurrection having failed
  2. For the prayers of repentance I have just prayed
  3. For God’s reminder that He is with me in this
  4. For the wisdom that acknowledges I will be tested
  5. For another wisdom, that voids are designed to be filled
  6. That this exercise is a holy filling
  7. That I can be involved in one hundred godly interactions per day
  8. That there is the goodness of good salad all about me
  9. That I don’t need to follow others
  10. That God has ‘got’ this for me
  11. For His Presence which raises me as I’m led by His Spirit
  12. That in being His good soldier there is always something good to be done
  13. For the wisdom in silence
  14. For creepy crawly creatures that remind me how blessed I currently am
  15. That my son sleeps while I work
  16. For the occupational aspirations that will rise in my son
  17. For the prayers I have for my daughter’s rent inspection
  18. For the justice implicit in the society I live
  19. For my body’s need and ability to stretch
  20. For a coffee breakfast
  21. That God shows me His Presence is with me already in my maintenance work
  22. That God gives me so much grace, and this is felt mostly when I most need it
  23. For the consummate ease of life in this minute and moment
  24. That consummate ease is a mind thing held up by the heart willing to believe
  25. That there is the belief that more is to come
  26. That I can switch focus
  27. That there is something ever glorious in our mortal world
  28. That the hardest work of the season is behind us
  29. For a simple text message confession, the strength of repentance
  30. That belief undergirds absolutely everything
  31. That here I am AGAIN by the grace of God
  32. For living strength of Jesus in me
  33. That I, in this moment, cannot withhold my praise
  34. For water as much as breath
  35. For those dreams and aspirations I swap for God’s better plan
  36. For the strength in the minute, but I must act on it!
  37. For the prayer I have for an ailing man
  38. That I have already helped three people and it’s only 7:41 AM
  39. For high intensity staying strength – the balance and best of two opposing realities – obtainable only in God’s strength with the option open to rest at any time
  40. The Christian bandwidth is very wide for a very important reason – there are so many who must find a place to fit in a vicinity where, to the Lord, there is no right and wrong, where all are loved and accepted as they are and as they in their right conscience think
  41. For the blessed joyous sound of children playing
  42. When God’s fire spreads by my being
  43. For the hearts of the Receptive
  44. For the enjoining Spirit as He raises me to new life AGAIN
  45. For the revelation of peace in an eager person
  46. For the Presence God gives me for people of any age
  47. For the ladder that elevates me and supports my weight
  48. That I have a message burning within me
  49. That at this point I feel unstoppable
  50. That God gives the increase, this time children passionate who aren’t typically passionate
  51. For the life of Billy Graham who is stimulus for today’s devotions
  52. For the revival events that continue today
  53. For a single person’s revival that we call salvation
  54. For reason to praise God… 10,000 and forever more
  55. For encouraging a prayer group to pray
  56. For the echoes of the saints who have become angels
  57. For light that purges darkness
  58. That there is a way to life, and His name is Jesus
  59. That as a heart catches fire it tends to set other hearts aflame
  60. That nothing can stop God’s purpose and plan
  61. For peace that starts in the nation called me!
  62. For the courage to risk for love throwing the caution of fear to the wind
  63. For young lives and unprotected souls
  64. That there are more engagements of connection to be had, this minute!
  65. For in addition another presenting opportunity
  66. That it is such a blessing to see blessing unfold before our eyes
  67. All for You, Lord!
  68. For an interaction with the smallest of persons, a person made in God’s own image
  69. That there is understanding established in coherence
  70. For knowledge that tests occur for a reason, so that we may with ease learn to conquer the test
  71. For the protection due unprotected lives
  72. That there are three very important presentations to make this month, at the minimum three
  73. That in being carried by anything there is the undeniable Presence of God as the enabling
  74. That I could assist in a situation where there was nobody else to help
  75. For the generosity of a staff member to do something they could do but didn’t need to do
  76. For salad AND water
  77. For poise in a testing situation
  78. For the strength in first impressions but the greater strength in redemption
  79. An impromptu message lines up for the intercession of another person – such is God’s strength
  80. That I am seen as safe, but better so much more to know I am safe for others
  81. For a mind healthy and alive
  82. For second (salad) lunch
  83. For the ability to lift heavy objects
  84. For insight enough to plan ahead
  85. That I will keep offering to help
  86. For the opportunities I’ve had today to smile at or with others no matter what they’re experiencing
  87. That I have capacity right now
  88. For the rapport that builds with effort of reaching forward into others’ lives
  89. For the glory imparted by me when I’m an agent of light
  90. That pain is so irrefutably hard; it has to be a teacher
  91. For time in the moments
  92. For the encouragement one pre-schooler was in praying so eloquently
  93. For a radio interview on expecting hardship
  94. That a simple repair is affected and a thing is recycled
  95. For the teachers I work with and for
  96. For the passion I have to show God to others
  97. That there is space for me already in this busy and stimulating day
  98. For the forwards-backwards style in negotiation between two great friends
  99. For the surprise in making every moment a winner
  100. That is a record! 100 by 2:05 PM and it didn’t already feel hard
  101. For the humour enjoyed already during a stressful task
  102. For the children I know by name and character in my chaplain role
  103. That we received our new internet modem etc
  104. That the lounge room laid out like it is works out very well
  105. That I got to chat with my eldest daughter about developments in her life

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