2012 ETF Trend Trading Reviews

2012 ETF Trend Trading Reviews

First, let’s get an objective and fact based review of the basic ETF Trend Trading Mentorship course:

1. Quick Start Manual is where experienced ETF traders may start if already familiar with trading ETFs and want to get a quick overview of Big A’s rules so they can start trading.

2. Main ETF Trading Manual – This manual offers a complete method in step by step detail beginning from what the definition of ETFs are, their history all the way to how you should select and trade ETF’s.

3. Big A’s Mentorship DVD’s – The DVD’s covers the chief training of the ETFl trend trading system is reviewed on DVD clearly so you can see how Big A selects and trades specific ETFs.

4. Best List of ETF’s – Big A’s top ETF picks are listed and explained as to why they’re potentially profitable.

5. ETF Scanning Software – Big A’s desktop software allows traders to pick the best ETF’s that demonstrate a pattern of movement to follow.

6. Trading sustain – Big A’s mentorship program would not be a real program if you could not be held accountable to the rules of trading ETFs. The system offers 7 day unlimited email sustain for six months.

7. Training and News Webinars – Each month members will view two webinars held by Big A for the latest news, reviews and updates.

8. Members Forum – Big A’s personal blog demonstrates trading strategies currently working in addition as related news and updates to his own LIVE trades.

The new ETF Trend Trading “Master Mind” Accelerated course allows members to get all that was presented above in the ETF Trend Trading Mentorship course in addition as:

1. Trading Webinars – An additional four (six total webinars) that are LIVE and last one hour in duration each month.

2. Phone Consultation – Accelerated members also get a total of 8 thirty minute training calls, with Big A.

3. Lifetime Member – The standard membership lasts six months while accelerated members receive lifetime mentorship training to the above.

The fact that the ETF Trend Trading Accelerated course is reserved specifically for those eager to learn the ETF Trend Trading training at a much quicker and more long term speed in addition as direct consultation with course founder: Big A. What sets this ETF trading course except many other high expensive trading courses is that you’re learning comes from a real trader who is living what he teaches as opposed to a big marketing corporation.

The chief principles of the ETF Trading system is put forth within the basic or standard mentorship program. However, traders who wish to continue to learn and master the technical examination trading principles and software can upgrade to Big A’s ETF Master Mind course. Members who decide to sign up to the basic ETF Trend Trading Mentorship course can upgrade to the Master Mind course.

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