6 Dead After Protests Over Beirut Blast Probe Turn Violent

Deadly gunfights in Beirut have left six people dead and dozens more injured during violent protests over an investigation into last year’s huge explosion at a Lebanese port.

Gunfire and explosions overtook Lebanon’s capital city Thursday. Armed protestors filled the streets to oppose the estimate leading the Beirut explosion investigation. The violence began when unknown gunmen opened fire on the crowd.

It’s the worst sectarian fighting in years. The small Mediterranean country has numerous recognized sects, including Sunni and Shiite Muslims, all fighting to either cover up or show the truth. Shiite political parties, including Iranian-backed Hezbollah militants, joined in, after being met by gunfire from Christian Lebanese forces. 

Protestors need estimate Tarek Bitar be removed from investigating the August 2020 explosion. 

The blast killed more than 200 and injured thousands after tons of ammonium nitrate, a highly explosive fertilizer, ignited. Investigators have in addition to determine a cause. Lebanese experts believe Hezbollah members and already government officials should be held responsible. 

Former chief Minister, Hassan Diab and his cabinet resigned after the tragedy. Some fled the country. None of them appeared in court after being subpoenaed to testify. 

The investigation into the explosion remains at a stand-nevertheless. Hezbollah and its allies claim the estimate is biased, while the victim’s families sustain his work. Relatives of the blast victims fear the latest suspension is a prelude to the estimate’s removal, which would further derail the investigation. 

Recent violence comes as the vicinity struggles with political unrest, a humanitarian crisis, and an economy on the verge of collapse. 

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