Adorable moment two-year-old girl goes shopping for her father’s birth…

‘And this is Daddy’s bow!’ Adorable moment two-year-old girl goes shopping for her father’s birthday presents and buys him nail varnish, fluffy unicorn slippers and a pink microphone

  • Toddler Franki Pior is filmed picking out the perfect gifts for her father’s birthday
  • The two-year-old chooses presents including unicorn slippers and nail polish
  • She’s seen giving the thoughtful presents to Swav at home in Toronto, Canada

This is the adorable moment a two-year-old girl picks out her perfect presents when she goes shopping for her father’s birthday. 

Franki Prior chose a pair of unicorn slippers, which were a bit of a squeeze for Swav, 39, along with a pink hair bow and a toy microphone to sing Happy Birthday with.

Franki is filmed by her mum in a Dollarama store in Toronto, Canada, also picking out cream, toothpaste and purple nail polish to name a few. 

She was helped by little sister Stevi, aged one, who picked out toiletries including soap. 

Lucky Swav also gets some socks with hearts on them and a lot of toiletries. 

In the footage, Franki picks up items and drops them into a bag, declaring at the end: ‘I think he’ll love that.’ 

With the help of her mum, she then pays for the items with the swipe of a card before heading home to celebrate.  

The family of four are later filmed celebrating Swav’s birthday, with the father-of-two pictured wearing the bow his daughter carefully picked out for him while he cuddles her and thanks her for his gifts. 

Father-of-two Swav is wearing the pink bow specially picked out for him by his daughters Franki and Stevie for his birthday, being famous in the family’s home in Toronto, Canada

Sisters Franki (left) and Stevie (right) helped their mum Karalea find the perfect gifts 

Franki, aged two, later uses the gift she picked out for her father to sing happy birthday to him 

Franki is seen pulling gift after gift from a large bag before tipping the contents on the floor

Franki is seen pulling gift after gift from a large bag before tipping the contents on the floor. 

At one point, she picks out a plastic package and shouts: ‘This is for me. That’s what I wanted.’  

Swav is also captured trying on his new slippers, saying: ‘They’re a little tight’. He also praises his daughter for choosing a nail varnish which matches his jumper.  

The sweet clip is one of many that Franki and Stevie’s doting parents post on Instagram.  

The two girls have their own pages where there are a collection of snaps and videos of the pair, documenting their childhood. 

Karalea and Swav shared that it isn’t the first time they have let their daughters pick out gifts 

Karalea’s Instagram account documents the girls growing up in Toronto, Canada

Karalea revealed that Swav loved watching the video of Franki selecting his presents 

Karalea, 34, also has an Instagram account where she has racked up thousands of followers by sharing clips and snippets of the family-of-four’s life together. 

Speaking to MailOnline, she revealed that it isn’t the first time Franki has lent a helping hand in picking out presents. 

‘We did this once last year for Christmas,’ she said. 

‘Swav thought it was hilarious. He was a great sport, and absolutely loved watching the video of her picking it all out. Franki was very excited!

‘We will be doing it again at Christmas’. 


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