AIMS strength PICGLF30W12V120V 3000 Watt, Low Frequency Inverter Charger, 12 Volt

AIMS strength PICGLF30W12V120V 3000 Watt, Low Frequency Inverter Charger, 12 Volt

AIMS is one of the well-known brands that offers lasting and reliable products for consumers. If you are looking for a low frequency inverter, which is equally powerful and cost-effective then you can opt for 3000 watt low frequency inverter form number PICGLF30W12V120V. This inverter is specifically designed according to different consumer needs and requirements. Since it only requires 12 volts strength, so it’s best to use for various off-grid applications. Its application ranges from marine recreation to different in the field operations. It is perfect to use for your portable energy requirements.

The inverter comes with a peak conversion efficiency of 88%. It combines inverter, AC auto move and battery charger that generates high conversion efficiency. Due to its careful and progressive manufacturing, it maintains a sufficient energy output without any risk of damage to your equipment. It allows multi-stage charging with high surge functionality to fulfill all your strength needs. In technical terms, when your AC strength runs outs of permissible range, inverter move relay gets de-energized to shift load towards inverter output. The whole course of action is automated and sustains electric voltage on its own. When AC strength restores, relay gets energized and electricity load is again shifted towards your normal AC utility.

It is compliant with wide range of equipment, which ranges from strength tools to industrial equipment. You can use it with home electronic devices such as television, video games, vacuum cleaners, computer and many other devices. In offices, you can use it with printers, desktop computers, fax machines and scanners. Many people use these inverters in their homes, offices and industries due to their compliance with extensive range of devices. You can customize it to battery priority with use of a DIP switch. This can help you to get maximum strength from battery for replaceable energy system. Due to its progressive and rare features, it’s considered one of the best inverters obtainable in the market.

It can keep up up for 9,000 watt peak wattage for about 20 seconds. It usually runs on strength saving mode to use less electricity with use of its battery charger. In addition, you will find smart far away control and built in 60 Amp solar charge controller for inverter. Due to its heavy duty use, there are multiple cooling fans inside the device.

Aims inverters use one of the best inverter technologies to offer durability and higher performance as compared to traditional inverters. They are also capable to sustain greater wattage peaks during operation. It is a viable choice especially for people, who need reliable strength with optimum performance. If you want to run your electrical equipment without any problems, AIMS low frequency inverter can turn out to be your best option!

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