An Age Old Maxim – Ask and You Shall Receive

Talking with a very interesting person the other day intrigued me; let me tell you about it. Consider and accept that in death there is an afterlife. This place is where your and my soul will ultimately return, to unite with that master plan we agreed before our incarnation upon the earth as a human being. We agreed with other entities what our soul was here to do on earth when it was born into a physical body at a particular time, place and date upon the earth.

To keep an eye on us and keep a connection with our soul’s purpose we seemingly have guides, those other entities I mentioned earlier. These spiritual mentors and higher beings are with us, looking after us, while also fulfilling their own spiritual callings in the time of action of their spiritual evolvement. We have what is said a main guide to keep with us from our birth by to our death on earth, in addition as other guides who are with us just for a period of time during certain episodes of our life development. Their assistance can be functional or spiritual.

When we are born into our present incarnation it is said we go by some course of action of amnesia. Those past lives and past life development before learnt, although with us, are not typically able to be recalled like some past memory of some past experience in our current life.

We are here in this life cycle to learn our lessons upon the earth and our spirit guide can only honour and help us accomplish and unprotected to the purpose that we set ourselves before being born. They cannot interfere with our free will. Once the rules and purpose set, we and they have to to comply with them.

However, our guides can direct thoughts by moments of intuition, dreams, signs, signs and such method to stay on track with our soul’s purpose. So if there is something to accomplish you will find sustain from your spirit guide in that endeavour. It is as if the right people, situations, opportunities, resources can come into your life and come along to help you reach your goals. A crucial point to recognise in this mission is your spirit guide will only help you accomplish and unprotected to the purpose you set yourself before you were born.

Being in touch with your spirit guide does not require you to be of a psychic character. They perceive you already if you do not perceive them. Address them out loud with an intention and they will pick up on it.

already though you might have agreed beforehand what to learn in this incarnation and what assistance may be needed, your guides will not interfere during your time on earth until you ask them. Because to do so will violate your free will. Remember you have come to earth at a particular time, place and date, to be born into a set of situations in order to learn what was agreed for your soul’s purpose.

So with all this in mind if you were to ask for things too specific it is likely not to be granted. But ask a more open-ended solution then the resources you need arrive by clever and creative ways.

As way of example, to ask for a raise in wages at work to pay off a debt would be thought the wrong approach. However, if you were to ask in this manner, I would like to pay off 100% of my debt by the end of 3 months please align me with the resources and opportunities to make this happen. Then this approach will bring just the right set of situations to make this happen, in effect answering that age old maxim, ask and you shall receive.

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