Are You Using Your Blogging Gold Mine?

Did you know that your ‘Comments Section’ is a blogging relationship gold mine?

I know what you’re thinking.

“Captain Obvious, of course I understand that the comments section is important to my audience.”

Are You Cashing in?

If that is the case, why don’t you cash in on this relationship gold mine? If your blog is not making you the money that you want from a blogging business, why not?

Maybe money isn’t important to you, but becoming the leading authority in your field is. If you’ve not reached that level of success with your blog, I ask again, why not?

It may be because you’re using the comments section of your blog incorrectly.

Don’t just wait for a notification of a new comment. Don’t simply log onto your blog every day, looking for your posts to see if there is a new comment for you to answer.

Become proactive.

The best way to use this section so that you and your audience both assistance is to do the following things.

  • When you answer a blog comment, do so with an opt-in gift that answers the question, and builds your list.
  • Publish really high quality, informative blog posts, and then ask your readers to tell you what they thought in the comments below.
  • When responding to a comment on your blog, give that reader a free gift, and mention it in your response.
  • Take frequently asked questions from your comments and use them to compile a special report or FAQs e-book that helps build your list.
  • Tell your audience that if they leave a comment, you’ll invite them to a free webinar or conference call where you use an hour or two answering all of their questions.

These are just a few ways you can aggressively use the comments section of your blog to enhance relationships, and your bottom line.

Why Do Comments Matter?

You have probably seen countless blogs that had absolutely no comments at all.

This method the audience simply did not feel engaged enough to say something about what they just read. If someone does use their valuable time commenting on your blog posts, you have a very warm prospect.

So many people that comment on blog posts never expect to get a reply because that has never happened in the past. When you reach out to commenters that respond to your blogging material, you can develop a very thorough connection with just a few words.

Make sure to respond positively, never include someone that has negative things to say, and this simple practice can raise the number of blog visitors you have, while also improving your image as an authority in your field.

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