Asbestos Ceiling Removal – Is it Worth Doing the Work Yourself?

Asbestos Ceiling Removal – Is it Worth Doing the Work Yourself?

There are two options for those interested in asbestos ceiling removal may it be acoustic or regular. First and more advisable is to hire a specialized and licensed asbestos abatement company to remove the ceilings OR, remove them yourself.

First option is safe, not only because they know what to do as they are trained, but also because they have the right tools, and saves you more paperwork. They may be costly, but look at it this way – your family is safe and free of asbestos exposure which could rule to cancer or death. This will definitely save you in the long run instead of suffer the ill-effects of the substance which will be costly, plus if you don’t have a health care coverage, would definitely be more expensive.

But if you want to work on doing the asbestos ceiling removal yourself, keep in mind to have the proper gear to protect yourself from being exposed to asbestos. You need to buy gears like dual cartridge respirators with HEPA filters that are color-coded in purple, pairs of disposable coveralls with booties, rubber boots without the laces, goggles, disposable rubber gloves, and other tools and supplies that are set to protect you while working on asbestos ceiling removal.

When I mentioned before about saving you paperwork, I do average that before you start working on removing the asbestos in your ceiling, you need to get the appropriate permit and show the permit when bringing the bags of asbestos waste for disposal. Trying to get the work done by yourself, is impossible as it requires 3 or more people to do the job right.

Now let’s get down to business. After you have secured your permit and you got all the gears, the first thing that needs to be done is create a containment area by simply removing everything from the room where the asbestos ceiling removal is to take place and cover the walls and floors with a polyethylene sheeting. Add a door or opening on the sheet by slitting the sheeting. Second is to make sure you wet all the ceiling and then scrape it off with the putty knives. Once that is done, you need to wipe it down with clean rags and no rinsing, just dispose of these rags when you’re done using. You then cover the area, roll up and dispose the sheeting with the asbestos material, your dirty coveralls, dirty gloves, and rags. And when disposing, make sure you dispose the asbestos material at a designated or approved site.

With all the work that needs to be done in asbestos ceiling removal, do you think it’s nevertheless worth doing the removal yourself or hire the professionals?

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