Astral Projection OBE and Life in the Spirit World

Astral Projection OBE and Life in the Spirit World

Astral projection is a kind of Out of Body Experience, sometimes referred to as an OBE or OOBE which sits somewhere on the border amongst psionic capability, scrying and religious mysticism. It is a greatly controversial topic with many cynics alleging that it is all in the imagination or merely an example of lucid dreaming. It is, however, something which has an radically protracted history, akin to yoga and meditation. Astral Travel is the wilful act of having the spirit depart the body, and not to be muddled with an out of body experience which occurs involuntarily such as while dreaming, or in a near death experience.

Travelling using the astral body is expressed within many mystical readings and has more lately been studied by scientists exploring accounts of individuals who have encountered a near death experience. Astral projection was additionally used by many aged civilisations comprising the Aztec Indians and the Egyptians.

Scientific affirmation is now proposing that we are considerably more than our earthly body and that astral projection is as simple as riding a bicycle. Employing brain wave technology it was established that a particular blend of alpha and theta harmonics gave rise to instantaneous astral projection away from the physical person. Commonly, in the astral projection practice, the subject characterizes themselves as existing in a spirit world which repeatedly has no similar to any earthly ecosystem, already though they express they can travel at different periods and to varying physical surroundings. In comparison with astral projection, etheric projection is illustrated as the capacity to move around in the material earth in an etheric individual which is generally, although not always, unseen to people who are at present within their bodies.

Psychics state that their awareness or spirit is moved into an astral body or double. Psychics frequently imply that the unconscious mind includes the soul or astral person, resulting in tumbling dreams or awakening with a dropping feeling or unexpected jolt. Some psychics and metaphysical investigators consider the astral body or spirit body as a unconnected piece of our existence and that our awareness or spirit lives in a world recognized as the astral plane. It is also attested to by psychics that the cord (which materialises when you begin your journey) is your lifeline and method of returning to your body which can be cut when you attempt astral projection, thereby making it hopeless to move back towards your body. Additional psychics express that the silver rope is joined to you when you come into the physical body for the initial time, and it is not severed again up to the time you depart for the final time.

It is considered by those whom believe, that travelling to greater dimensions by way of astral projection is an very good way of furthering yourself. There are areas that you can proceed to which can put you in first hand contact with understanding and energies that can revolutionize your person, mind and psyche in a very short time period. With no definitive proof at the present time however, the question around can anyone successfully willingly depart from their living body is something that no one can answer definitively and conclusively at this point. However as further is known about the world and how the mind roles, we may come closer to discovering an answer to our queries about astral travel and what causes some individuals to travel while other people never experience this awareness.

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