Background Checks Can Change Your Life

Background Checks Can Change Your Life

As a Human Resource Administrator for a large commercial banking firm part of my job is screening new applicants for interviews. We are continuously hiring for locaiongs that become obtainable due to a high turnover rate in the entry and mid-level sales locaiongs. It is company policy for me to conduct initial phone interviews with each applicant to confirm they are nevertheless obtainable and as a pre-screening tool. I will then schedule a confront to confront interview, check references and perform a background check prior to their interview.

We have very strict hiring protocols and things like DWI’s, Domestic Violence, Bankruptcies, Drug Use, and Criminal Records will all be reasons to disqualify an applicant prior to the interview.

I am regularly amazed at the information I uncover in a matter of only minutes. I’ve been working this job for just over five years now and I nevertheless cannot believe the secrets that seemingly regular people are hiding. In addition to all the histories I just mentioned, I’ve seen $150,000 a year Managers with criminal records for embezzlement, tax fraud, money laundering, and already kidnapping and child abuse.

The saying “You just never know” is an understatement.

This part of my job has really made me cynical already in my personal life. As a single woman living in a big metropolitan city and knowing what I know about the “Regular Guys” who are applicants at my job, it didn’t take me long to surprise about some of the men I dated. Not that there was anything wrong with my choice in men, but “You just never know”.

I kept wondering how my life could take a terrible turn so easily, if I fell in love with someone who had some dark secret they were hiding.

Well at first I was already embarrassed to tell already my closest friend that I would do background checks on anyone I dated more than a associate of times. Then I began dating this really nice guy who was recently divorced and I was starting to see myself falling for him. It turned out that he was involved in a bitter divorce and things must have really gotten out of hand because he was arrested for assaulting his ex-wife and she already had an order of protection against him.

Can you imagine what could have happened?

Now my girlfriends tell me about the stories they uncover doing background checks on the guys they are dating. It’s our private joke.

I cannot begin to tell you how valuable knowing a person’s history is whether it’s for Employment, a Boyfriend/Girlfriend, a Child Care Provider, a Nanny, a Elder Care Provider, or anyone who is going to have Close Personal Contact with you or your family.

I sincerely hope this information is helpful to you protect your safety.

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