“Be the great number” .. a new Qatari initiative for football lovers

“Be the great number” .. a new Qatari initiative for football lovers

The Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy in Qatar announced, on Saturday, the set afloat of the “Be the great number” initiative to receive fans during the entitlements to be hosted by the country during the coming period.

The initiative, which is the first of its kind in the world while hosting major sporting events, aims to introduce fans to the authentic Arab hospitality for which Qatar is famous and its ancient customs, according to a statement by the committee.

The committee stated that “this inventive project will allow citizens and residents to great number fans and football fans from all over the world at the hosting venue of their choice for varying periods of time.”

She additional that this will be according to the great number’s desire by a number of different options in the place where he wishes to great number the fan, as he will join him during his stay to introduce him closely to the most noticeable features and customs of the community, and the tourist and cultural destinations spread in the country.

“It comes within the plans of the Supreme Committee to provide various options for the fans expected to come to the State of Qatar during the upcoming sporting events,” said Khaled Al-Jumaili, director of “Be the great number.”

He additional that the initiative would “provide an exceptional and rare air and experience to closely learn about the culture and authentic customs of Qatari society, enjoy attending competitions, and visit destinations and tourist attractions spread throughout Qatar.”

And he additional, “This is in addition to the experience of close distances for the upcoming sporting benefits, and residing in one place throughout the competition period without the need to change it.”

Al-Jumaili stressed that “participation in the initiative will be limited to hosts and fans who have received complete doses of the Corona vaccine,” noting that it is “free of charge for the participants.”

The committee called on citizens and residents wishing to participate in the “Be the great number” initiative to register their interest and view all conditions and details by the website: (www.hostafan.qa) during the period from September 25 to October 12.

From November 21 to December 18, Qatar will great number the “Arab Cup 2021” or the “FIFA Cup for Arabs 2021”, the tenth edition of it, with the participation of 23 Arab teams organized by the International Football Association.

The “Arab Cup” matches will be held at the stadiums of the World Cup hosted by Qatar in its 22nd edition, from November 21 to December 18, 2022.

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