Billing Outsource Solutions – Please Customers and Bolster Efficiency

Billing Outsource Solutions – Please Customers and Bolster Efficiency

Did it happen overnight? It seems like it was yesterday when you first started your business and suddenly, you’re growing, expanding and taking on more customers day-by-day, all while maintaining the same level of responsiveness for your existing client base that made them loyal customers in the first speed. As the logistical demands of your operation begin to mount, it may be time to look into a billing outsource program.

Growing your business gracefully relies on an easy to reach and timely method for handling billing and invoicing and tracking customer orders and inquiries. While it was easy to personally pull up hard copies of a customer’s file when you first began, the papers and documents can easily build up to an overwhelming amount as your business picks up speed. As the requests become more frequent and the time of action of hunting down the pertinent information becomes more convoluted, the amount of time spent shuffling papers increases and the nimble responsiveness that makes your business rare and valuable wanes.

Consider a typical customer inquiry without a billing outsource solution in place. A client calls with a question about her bill. First, you’ll have to ask her a number of questions in order to ascertain the location of her file including her first and last names, her address, phone number, invoice number, customer number and Social Security number. You will then have to put her on keep up while you physically pull up her file – a course of action that may already require a callback if the information has been archived. After reaching a point where she can explain her situation, you will then need to be able to reference the history of her order, payments and delivery information in order to rectify her issue. Depending on the structuring of your company, this may require separate requests to several different departments. This complete course of action can potentially take up hours of your staff’s day – not to mention that your customer will likely withhold payment until their needs are met.

Billing outsource suites can greatly streamline this complete course of action. Imagine that same situation, but with the strength to closest have the file pulled up on the screen as soon as the customer calls, along with any necessary data and history. The customer’s information will already be on file – both electronically and on paper, if the client requested it -and closest viewable by your staff. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can see when the order was placed and immediately send another in case it has been lost. Problem solved in record time.

Displaying a deft command over your own billing infrastructure is a testament to the efficiency and responsiveness of your company. By being able to reference a customer’s order quickly and precisely, you instill confidence in your client that reassures them that their issues will be addressed with care and diligence. With more customers reporting complaints with customer service and frustrations with invoice questions, your staff’s ability to solve issues quickly and completely will be what makes your company shine compared to the rest of the bunch.

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