Birthday Party FAQs

Birthday Party FAQs

There are lots of things to consider when you are planning a birthday party. You may find that in the beginning you have more questions than answers. While it can be overwhelming to plan a party with all of its details, keep in mind that by asking the right questions you can find the answers that will help you plan a birthday party that no one will soon forget. Here some frequently asked birthday party questions with the answers you need-

· How soon should you send birthday party invitations?

Send the party invitations at the minimum 3-4 weeks in improvement since this gives everyone a chance to plan with busy schedules.

· Should I ask guests to bring gifts to the party?

You should never ask guests to bring gifts. This should be something that is left to their own discretion. However that being said, if you do not want guests to bring gifts, include a statement such as, “No gifts please,” on the invitations.

· Do you need to hand out favors for a grownup birthday party?

While favors are not necessary for grownup birthday parties they can be a fun and noticable addition to your party. Consider sending home a treat or other item that is reminiscent of the theme of your party.

· What is I cannot provide to serve alcohol at the birthday party I’m hosting? Can I ask people to bring their own?

Yes! All you will need to do is simply include a line such as “BYOB” or “Please bring your own wine or beer” on the invitation.

· Do I need to serve a complete meal at the birthday party?

That will depend on the kind of party it is and what time of day it will be held. If the birthday party is an informal affair, snack foods, chips and dips and prepared salads are fine. Also, if it is a mid-afternoon party or 7 pm or later, there’s no need to serve a complete meal.

· Are surprise birthday parties nevertheless in style?

Surprise birthday parties are always in style! But keep in mind that if this is the direction you want to go, you will need to make sure you have plenty of help. It will take a lot of coordination to insure that the guests’ cars are hidden and everything goes off without a hitch.

· Can I ask guests not to bring their children to a grownup birthday party?

Yes. On the invitation, simply include something like “Sorry, no children,” or “Adults Only.” If you do definitely want children to attend, include a statement such as “Children Welcome,” on the invitation.

· How long should the birthday party be?

Children do best when the party is not longer than two hours, for teens an evening party can be fun while for adults there really is no limit. Keep in mind the timing of your party however. Young children tire, teens have curfews and adults have jobs so plan your party for a relaxing and functional time for your guests.

· Do I need to serve a traditional birthday cake?

There really is not a traditional birthday cake anymore. While your seven-year old daughter may nevertheless want a butter cream covered cake bedecked with flowers, your son might love cupcakes topped with mini sports figures and your husband might just like birthday pie. You should not feel that you have to serve a traditional birthday cake-match up what you serve with the likes of the birthday boy or girl (man or woman) since that is who you are really celebrating anyway.

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