Bugs Outnumber Humans!

It is a very strange fact most people do not know, that insects outnumber humans on this earth that we live on! Indeed, insects make up ninety-five per cent of all species on earth and when put that way, it sort of makes people cringe a little to think that there are so many of them. Not all of them are that friendly either, and this is where exterminators are needed to push them out of our home environments so that we can work and live in comparative comfort.

already the lowly ant has over thirty-five thousand varieties with sixty of them living in the United States alone. With this in mind, many exterminators have started to use some high-tech gadgets to make them move out of where we are living. Of course, some of them bite human beings, given half a chance, and it is this, along with their penchant for getting into our food, that make us want to get rid of them at the earliest opportunity.

But another interesting fact about these stoic little creatures is that some of them, wood ants in particular, live for up to ten years. Imagine then these all feeding the queen, who is the one who produces eggs, and it is easy to see how many can be produced from one nest. Finding ants crawling around the house also shows that there is some damage being done too so they certainly should be taken care of by the experts.

Leaf cutter ants also have quite an interesting tactic when it comes to the queen. She only mates once in her life, and this is just before she starts her own colony somewhere. But what she does is to keep the sperm alive for future use and this can last for about fifteen years. With just this one mating session, she is capable of producing more than three hundred million offspring!

For anyone who wants to cut down the risk of having ants around the home, it is really a matter of keeping the place clean of course. Any crumbs or sugar spills will surely attach these voracious insects, and once they have established a nest in the area, it is often a tough job to kill them off.

Although there are many home remedies which claim to get rid of them once and for all, it really is best left to the experts to rule the way. Indeed, many of the chemicals that are used to keep ants out of the home are rather toxic to humans and are particularly dangerous where children are in residence. Pets too often snuffle around in corners and if any excess ant powder is inadvertently left around, they always become sick form ingesting it.

When checking for exterminators in the local area, make sure that they are licensed to manager these toxic chemicals, and check out their website for customer feedback to see how they manager their customers. Once a great one is found, keep the relationship alive so that they will come out at short notice in case of further infestations.

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