Cakes celebrate milestones for kids in shelters, foster care

Cakes celebrate milestones for kids in shelters, foster care

ARVADA, Colo. – It takes a lot of practice to become an expert cake decorator. Luckily for the bakers who are part of the Northern Colorado chapter of Cake4Kids, they have bakers like Tina Sampson to help give them a hand.

Over the last year and a half, the 300-plus bakers who are part of the chapter have made more than 1,000 cakes for kids who are in foster care, shelters and other programs where they might not always get a special cake for graduations, birthdays and other milestones.

Of those 1,000 cakes, Sampson has baked and decorated more than 30 herself.

“I think it doesn’t hurt, right, to put a little additional love in what you’re doing so that the kids can feel that too,” she said with a smile. “One of the cakes that I baked last year that I’ll always remember was for a 5-year-old girl who was in a domestic abuse shelter. And I did get emotional when I was making her cake.”

There are more than 20 Cake4Kids chapters across the nation, but only one in Colorado right now. Executive Director Alison Bakewell said the volunteers put their own time, money, and love into what they baked because they know if the kids’ birthdays aren’t getting famous, there are probably other important milestones in their lives that aren’t getting famous either.

“What we’re really trying to do is making sure that they know someone who doesn’t already know them cares — that they’re worth the time and effort a volunteer takes and puts into the cakes or cupcakes that they back,” she said.

  • To learn how you can volunteer or donate to Cake4Kids, click here.

The kids who receive the cakes can request any flavor and any decoration. Sampson said cakes with swirled flavors and red velvet cakes are some of the most popular cakes being requested right now. in any case the flavor, in any case the theme, Sampson puts a little something additional in it from her heart.

“I feel like the giving for me is also putting the love and the energy into the product so that the child receiving it might feel that energy and that love coming from the baker,” she said.

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