Can Futuristic Visions or Predictions Manifest Into Reality?

I sit alone and write. The white monitor in front of my eyes is suddenly filled with words and conversations. After a few hours I begin to read what is written. I am quite amazed at what I see. Where did this storyline originate? Alright, I already had the main characters because I have written four past novels in the series and I know how they react with each other. Is this part of the story from my imagination alone or am I channelling?Years ago as a young man in the Royal Air Force in Scotland I had a garish dream showing an aircraft crash landing on Dava moor with no loss of life as the crew quickly evacuated as the plane burned. It seemed so real that I blurted it out to colleagues as I awoke. Their derision was immediate although jocular. Eighteen months later I had left the air force and was living four hundred miles away when the local Scottish paper was mailed to me. The headlines – Aircraft lands on Dava moor- crew all safe. (proven in my eBook – Psychic Thinker.) It all seemed so unreal, in addition there it was in black and white.

I had been taken eighteen months into the future and shown an event that was near to miraculous. I have had other dreams throughout my life but non as sensational as that. As part of a psychic group that met once a week a few other strange events happened. In meditation I saw quite a few times the scaled heads of reptilian kind humanoids circling around me and then another future event. I always keep an open mind but someone was trying to tell me that although I am in a physical existence there was more to life than I knew.

Two years ago (2009) as I dreamed, I seemed to be in a passenger aircraft that suddenly started to fall out of the sky. Everything outside was ink-black in addition the sensation of falling was so strong I felt sick. Other people around me gripped their seats as the darkness enfolded around me and I was left in the air watching the aircraft plummeting down. Then complete blackness as I suddenly awoke realizing it was not reality just a dream. Or was it? I can only attribute this to one recently lost aircraft but the emotions I felt in the dream did feel incredibly real.

So, in 2003 sitting once again in front of my computer writing the third book, (Soulgate-temple of souls – published in May 2005), the words started to form across the monitor. As the plot unfurled I was in a world that was ravished by financial upheaval caused by psychic occurrences that threw the planet into chaos and that was only a small part of the story. A different scenario of today but similar effects. When writing there are days when the story is coming together in the mind and nothing is on the screen. Then suddenly words appear as if by magic from the mind induced from an unknown source. Some psychics have called it channelling and most of the time it does not make sense just the formation of an idea. There is no time extent to a thought or a dream, there is only time in physical existence. I think that it is impossible to create a time prediction or extent of any future events.

The fourth book just published (Divine fanaticism. Oct 2010) is based on another future world that seems to have a religious theme in a world where extremists are gaining control subverting democracy and leading to the development of a back-pack atomic bomb. The way the bomb and the perpetrators penetrate the countries defenses is revealed. I sincerely hope that there are no future connotations to be interpreted from this book. Could we all be looking at a future event? How could the authorities stop this happening? It certainly is food for thought. by writing I truly live in different worlds each day without moving an inch. Our biological brains have been produced to do wonderful things and have also been suppressed until we can learn to live with a pure heart. Religion does not seem to have the answers to living because people are too busy surviving. In bygone ages humankind had to live in appalling environments where survival was uppermost in their desires and aspirations. In this day and age of a more complete civilization survival should be a thing of the past and the quest to develop large fortunes swept away.

As I think my way by the fifth book in the series many things start to go into my thoughts. It should be completed in March 2012 a year that heralds a doomsday setting or great change. Some say the reason the Mayan calendar finishes is because they ran out of ink. For 50 years I have watched people with large placards walking by busy towns and cities’ spreading the information of doom – The end is nigh – We are all doomed etc. Nothing ever happened when the deadline was reached. This does not surprise me as the world of the astral or spirit is purported not to have time, so how can you predict the example when anything can happen? I am now two-thirds by the 5th Novel trying to think of a name as it all starts to gel together.

As I read by what is already written I see a whole new world of astral dimensions. There are entities of light moving to and fro keeping watch. Unbelievable landscapes conjured and formed into realities that are held together by thought and higher essences of spiritual species. The area is as great as space itself with the ethereal and physical worlds all coexisting on different frequencies, the two to never mix. Angels and Archangels watching over the magical scenery characterize a white heavenly glowing light around them. In the astral world the most heavenly and wondrous sections glistens with the most exceptional colours imaginable. There are other places that are dark and great held together by tortured souls that manifest the most miserable of existences. This is only a little of what is in store for the reader. The Creator of this great divine vicinity may be called to eradicate what has been evolved with disastrous results. A war between the glowing beings is nigh, with some Angels and Archangels in disagreement as to their purpose.

For the past 6 months whilst writing I have been slightly Jim Long living in a different reality. I would like to be him – he is above malice, jealousy, hate, although as a human all these things are nevertheless inside him and he has to fight to conquer them each day. He can be fun loving with lots of laughter and he can be thorough and profound in his thinking. He is a future detective fighting evil in the physical and astral dimensions. The astral is a world of great beauty where spiritual entities live and dwell, some in a mirror body of the physical, others in flows of light and shade. It is all produced and held together by majestic high creatures of light. We are all made from ethereal essence and do not really die only our bodies have departed from the physical world for in truth we are all celestial, collective and individual.

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