Company Data Exporter Script

Company Data Exporter Script


Company Data Exporter is a web library to export huge data MySQL to Excel, Print, PDF, Copy Paste or CSV.
Company Data Exporter is very easy configuration, more time efficiently and minimal memory usage.
It’s supports money/date/numeric cell formatting,checkbox and show check item, 
picture upload, basic cell styling, report header with merge, filtering, data alignment.


Export to Copy Paste
Export to Print
Export to PDF
Export to CSV
Export to Excel
Clear code
Simple but Powerful admin panel.
Cross Browser sustain.
Fully Safe System
Search in Table
Easy setup
Supports money/date/numeric cell formatting
Basic cell styling
Report header with merge
Filtering and data alignment
More time efficiently and minimal memory usage


PHP 7.0+
MySQL 5.0+
CSS 3 (Önyükleme) 
Microsoft Excel


 #   complete Instructions Configure in zip file.

  • Extract the archive file on your machine which you’ve downloaded from codester
  • Copy the bigdataexporter folder to your application source directory (Like as [Drive]:xampphtdocs)
  • Import Database from bigdataexporter/database folder
  • Change database connection
  • Browse the bigdataexporter using suggested browser

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