Consider a Firearm Use Insurance Policy

Consider a Firearm Use Insurance Policy

If you have a hid carry permit, you can legally carry and you hopefully have the mind set to use your firearm to protect yourself and your family. If you use your gun, you may very well be detained and questioned by the police. You may be arrested until all is sorted out. Remember you do not have to say anything. This is not the time to become “chatty”. Here is a rule of thumb: Consider using the following words:

He attacked me

I was in fear for my life

I’ll sign a complaint

Here is the evidence (point out evidence to authorities)

I need to talk to my lawyer

I do not consent to any search

If charges are filed, you will need legal counsel and NEED to be right. All this costs money. This is not time for a public defender. They do a really great job and offer a tremendous service to those who cannot provide a lawyer. I do not want a lawyer of someone else’s choice representing me.

If criminal charges are not filed, all is well, right?

Not so fast. You may have to defend yourself in a wrongful death civil lawsuit by the family, relatives, or the attackers themselves. Just because it was a lawful shoot, does not make you immune to civil lawsuits. People can sue you for a lot of reasons. It is usually for money or to get back at someone for any number of reasons. The rules of evidence and the jury rules are different in civil court.

That all takes money. Forget that new pistol you’ve been saving up for. Forget the college education or retirement you planned. All of it goes away in legal fees. Not to worry. There is an option. The NRA offers a policy for legal fees for hid carry permit holders specifically to cover legal fees. Is your future worth it? $250 buys a lot of peace of mind. I would not carry without it.

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