Country House Insurance – Why You Need an Expert

If you own a Country House or a specialist character, you know that no two country estates are the same. Similarly no two insurance policies or premiums will be the same either. It’s important to find a country house insurance policy that you can trust, that provides you with the correct cover and will settle your claim when you need it.

It may be that your character has been passed down by generations of your family or you have worked hard to buy your dream home. However you came to own your estate, you’ll know its worth far more to you than just the cost of the bricks and mortar. You may be running a business from there or it’s a lifestyle choice to live there. The sentimental value alone method it’s vital that you take the correct measures to protect your house.

So what should you look for when choosing an insurance policy?

A Specialist Country House Insurance policy can include:

  • Buildings and / or contents cover including accidental damage
  • Cover for farm buildings and outbuildings
  • Liability as character Owner and Landowner
  • Cover for antiques, paintings and items of a specialist character
  • Cover for high value jewellery and watches
  • Worldwide all risks cover
  • Your legal expenses for a range of issues

In addition, it may be that you use your country estates for different revenue flows such as office space, farm land rentals or wedding venues. You need to make sure you get a tailored insurance policy so all risks are covered.

You need to make sure you have the correct sum insured for buildings and contents. In our experience, the cost of rebuilding country houses can far go beyond the market value of the character due to the rare structure of the house. It’s vital that your insurance adequately covers your rebuilding costs or you may find yourself underinsured and having to pay the difference if a major catastrophe does strike.

Do you need to review your Country House Insurance?

Go to a specialist broker that deals with a suite of insurers. You should look for a dedicated and experienced account handler, a complete claims handling service, and impartial advice on arranging an insurance policy that best suits your needs and budget.

Some brokers may offer a home visit if you wish to ensure they get the sums insured and cover right and advise you of any steps you can take to mitigate your risks.

Country house insurance is not something that can be bought on an online comparison website.

If you choose the right broker, you assistance from a competitive premium with a leading insurer combined with a specialist Country House Insurance broker.

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