COVID-19 situations fall below 1000 in Victoria

The five known situations of Omicron in Australia are young, double-vaccinated and some have before caught and recovered from earlier COVID-19 infections.

Chief Health Officer Professor Paul Kelly said the five situations have shown “very mild or in fact no disease”.

All are in quarantine, four in New South Wales, one in the Northern Territory.

But much-needed details about Omicron keep unknown and won’t become clear for several weeks.

“We know it’s transmissible,” Professor Kelly said.

“We don’t know nevertheless about the vaccine effectiveness. We don’t know about severity.”

ATAGI is discussing vaccines and boosters for Omicron, he said.

Professor Kelly said what happens to Australia’s borders will become clear in the next fortnight, but he foreshadowed Australia needs to live with Omicron and further variants.

“We cannot keep this Omicron variant out forever from Australia. ultimately it will be here.”

Source: 9News

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