Damian Kutzners Amazing Story

Damian Kutzner understands success:

The importance of good values and hard work in achieving success is really only understood by a few people in the world. Damian Kutzner is one of those people.

Knowing and understanding success is what Damian Kutzner does. He is the founder of the apparel company Serious Pimp, the founder and CEO of Integrated Legal Systems (ILS) and he launched his real estate firm at the young age of 23. ILS provides assistance in simplifying the ways according law firms do business.

Found in his work with the company Serious Pimp is an example of the breadth of his skill. Have you ever heard of Serious Pimp? It is a company makes extreme lifestyle clothing and fact accessories, works with worldwide cultural and musical icons Snoop Dogg and Bishop Don Magic Juan and sponsors MMA fighters and events.

His success has proven Damian Kutzner is a complete blend of operational efficiency, operations management, and marketing skill. His experience as a senior level executive in improving chief business processes has demonstrated his progressive skills in strategic planning, resource allocation and technology. His ability to enhance efficiency by using technology while cutting operational costs is an areas where he has established himself as an inventive leader.

additionally, Damian Kutzner has extensive experience and success in designing and launching applications by enhancing profitability in compliance with complicate federal and local laws. All these actions make chief business activities more efficient. Also, Damian Kutzner has built and implemented strategies that increased product awareness, profitability and market proportion while his skill in leading cross-functional teams that accomplish hard-line business goals prosper.

In 2000, Damian Kutzner established Serious Pimp which manufactures a definite line of popular clothing and accessories like sunglasses, t-shirts and hats. He established ILS is 2007 which is a leading provider of legal software automation for mid and small size law firms. He directed the design of ILS software, established operating goals and launched marketing initiatives. In order to provide consistently improved quality, he implemented productivity improvements and directed programs.

Damian Kutzer worked with Newport Beach Escrow as Chief Operations Officer where he was responsible for implementing customer sets initiatives before launching these companies. He also worked on strategic planning and allocation of human resources and trained staff. He developed the rule Management Software known as iRobot and implemented the system for customer management and training procedures with the company Global Mortgage Funding.

Damian Kutzner understands success and is a clear example of what hard work and resourcefulness method to entrepreneurship.


What we think affects our behavior in addition as our relations with the people around us is something that everyone agrees with. That has been one of the secrets to the successful business career of Damian Kutzner. As lecturer, spiritual teach and physician Dr David Hawkins said:

“Everybody is like a magnet. You attract to your reflections of that which you are. If you are friendly, then everyone else seems to be friendly too.”

When we look at the career of Damian Kutzner, we see a serial entrepreneur who understands success. He laid foundations of his real estate business at a very young age. He is a multidimensional task-oriented leader who knows how to use technology for the betterment of businesses in addition as employees. He is currently running the fact clothing company Serious Pimp. Serious Pimp sells stylish sunglasses and super-stylish clothing that embodies the hip-hop and mixed martial arts lifestyle.

Damian Kutzer was able to attract people who reflected his personality and values while strive for success: a team that is at the top of the world these days.

After careful examination it can be deduced that by keeping this quote in mind, Damian Kutzner has elevated his career and as he had particular aims and goals in his mind, was able to attract what he wished for by embodying what he wished for. Like Dr. Hawkins said, the magnet of the individual works incredibly.

Keeping Dr. Hawkins’ quote in mind, we can say that this personal magnet can help a person get what he wants. As an overview one might say a person gets in life in any case is reflected from his attitude. Just as in Damian Kutzner’s case.

It has to be said that Damian Kutzner has succeeded because he has used his personal magnet magnificently.

More business wisdom and good sense from entreprenuer Damian Kutzner:

“All you see in your world is the

outcome of your idea about it.”

– Neale Donald Walsch: Spiritual author

You cannot have more money, greater success, a happier lifestyle or a better body. That is, until you make a point to change your beliefs, your thoughts, your intentions, your goals, and your focus. Once you address the inside you, change will come considerably and swiftly to the outer you!


Proven senior-level executive with experience improving chief business processes and operational efficiency. rare blend of marketing skill and operations management with progressive skills in technology, resource allocation and strategic planning. Proven ability to enhance efficiency using technology while cutting costs. An inventive leader. Enhancing profitability and compliance with federal and local laws with the proven talent for designing and launching applications that enhance profitability.


P&L Management

Cost Controls / Budgeting

Strategic Planning

Technology Implementation & Design

Vendor / Supplier Relations

Workflow Optimization

Training & Staff Management

Inventory Management

Product / Brand Development

Performance Improvement


Increase internal efficiency, reduce employee headcount by automation and implement technology to streamline chief business practices

aim employees on the use of technology and the best practices

Collaborate to unprotected to aggressive business goals with rule cross-functional teams.

Effectively manages business course of action with close attention to timeframes, quality, budgets and legal specifications.

clarify and capitalize on new opportunities by market examination, product / brand development skill, and keen business instincts.

Develop and implement strategies that increase product awareness, market proportion and profitability.


ILS, Inc., Orange County, CA 2007 – 2010

Leading provider of legal practice automation software for small- and mid-size law firms.

Founder and President Directed design of ILS software. Established performance indicators, operating goals, marketing initiatives, productivity improvements, and programs that consistently improved product quality and customer satisfaction. Responsible for implementation of ILS in large to mid-size law firms.

Morgan Drexen, Inc., Orange County, CA 2006 – 2008

Leading provider of sustain sets to attorneys and law firms.

Chief Operations Officer Established operating gas, marketing initiatives, productivity improvements, performance indicators and programs that consistently improved customer satisfaction and service quality. Involved in strategic planning, human resource allocation, and training.

chosen Achievements:

Expanded functionality of course of action management software resulting in:

32% reductions in operation costs and 47% increase in production by existing staff.

Customer service levels improved.

Ensured compliance with various state and federal regulations

Serious Pimp, Inc., Orange County, CA 2000 – 2010

Provider of two clothing lines, Serious Pimp and Labeled Insane that leverage the world’s top talent in fighting, skating, surfing, motox freestyling, BMX, snowboarding, hip-hop, rock and hardcore lifestyle.

Founder Designed clothing for MMA fighters. Sponsored fighters to fight in Japan and other venues. When need for clothes grew, shifted focus to bring clothes into stores for the fans. Expanded to produce clothing targeted for motox freestyle fans, hip-hop fans, MMA fans and others with a hardcore lifestyle interest.

Serious Pimp Copyrights:

Serious Pimp Bandana Shoelaces – Registered on 12/2/09

Serious Pimp Bandana Socks – Registered on 12/11/09

OG Durag T-Shirt – Registered on 2/2/2010

Hoodlum T-Shirt – Registered on 2/2/2010

Labeled Insane, Rocker T-Shirt – Registered on 2/2/2010

Design for OG Bandana Sunglasses – encased in the shoelaces & socks registrations because they are the same design

*observe: We have shared law copyrights in all works that have not been registered as of however.

Serious Pimp Trademarks:

Serious Pimp (logo/apparel) – Registered on 2/20/2007

Serious Pimp (logo/sunglasses) – Filed, but not however registered, pending approval by Trademark Office, less than 6 months.

Labeled Insane (brand name) – Filed, almost registered, approx 2 months.

Bandana Design for Sunglasses – Filed, we need to send a Response in w/ accounting details, etc.

UK application for Serious Pimp (sunglasses) – Filed, pending approval by UK Trademark Office.

UK application for Labeled Insane – Filed, pending approval by UK Trademark Office.

*observe: We have shared law trademark rights in all trademarks that have not been registered however.

Serious Pimp Patents:

Design patent for Bandana design on hat – Filed, pending Patent Office approval.

Design patent for Bandana design on sunglasses – Filed, pending Patent Office approval, approx 7 months.

Design patent for Godfather sunglasses – Filing in course of action.

In Forte Financial, Orange County, CA 2000 – 2006

Sister company to Global Mortgage Funding serving Hispanic market.

Chief Operations Officer Provided sustain and training for LMS system. Worked with management team to implement customer service initiatives, and trained staff on course of action and procedure. Involved in human resource allocations, training and strategic planning.

Newport Beach Escrow, Orange County, CA 2000 – 2006

Chief Operations Officer Provided training and sustain for LMS system. Worked with management team to implement customer service initiatives, and trained staff on course of action and procedure. Involved in human resource allocations, training and strategic planning.

Global Mortgage Funding, Orange County, CA 1999-2006

Chief Operations Officer Developed LMS (rule Management Software) – AKA iRobot. Oversaw training and implementation of system that customer management and outreach efforts of employees. Trained with Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, and Steve Goldfield

Alpha America, Orange County, CA Mortgage Firm 1995-1998

Manager of Operations Managed team of 15-20 people that produced $3.4 – $4 million per month in transactions. Improved customer service levels. Streamlined business processes; reduced costs by 45%.

Union Home Loans, Orange County, CA 1993-1995

Leading direct lender and private money brokerage firm.

Operations Executive Executive assistant to owner Steve Goldfield.

ILS uncompletely CLIENT LIST

United Law Group


Kirkland Greene

Dana Capital

Brookstone Law

20+ Law Firms


TM in Australia and UK for Labeled Insane

Copyright, TM, patent different for each on shoelaces, socks, hat and sunglasses

Copyright, TM in progress for ILS (software)

Education & Honors

Offered complete scholarship to University of Southern California (USC) in Medicine: declined to pursue business interests

AA in Business Administration from Orange Coast College in California

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