Deciding On Baby Furniture – A Parent’s Guide

Deciding On Baby Furniture – A Parent’s Guide

Make sure to place a working smoke alarm in your newborn’s room or outside the room. When your child starts to wander it’s important that any spare electrical outlet is sealed with a cheap plastic socket protector to prevent your inquisitive baby from sticking his fingers. It’s also a sensible idea to place nursery furniture in the way to prevent your baby from discovering outlets.

The next most important item is your baby’s cot as this is the place they will initially use most of their time in the first few months. Cots are also one of the leading causes of infant harm and fatalities so it is very important to make sure your cot follows the recommended safety regulations. Ensure the cot is thorough enough to prevent your baby from climbing out as they grow. Ensure that the spacing between the rails is not capable of allowing the baby to trap their head.Ensure that cots with drop down sides lock automatically and can’t be worked free by baby. If you have a used cot ALWAYS buy a new mattress for each child. The mattress must have a gap of no more than 4cm around the perimeter of the cot to prevent your baby from becoming retained.

Head the ‘back to sleep’ advice targeted to prevent cot death (SIDS) and always lay your baby down on his back. When using a nightlight make sure it is located away from the cot and any other fiber

When designing your nursery layout make certain no furniture is located nearby windows, when your child learns to stand they might attempt to climb up and have a look out. Also avoid placing anything that can permit your toddler to balance on to look out of a window. Window locks are a easy way to make sure your little one’s windows can only be opened by you. If you need to open a window to allow ventilation make sure the window is secured and never open more than 5cm, there are fastenings on the market that prevent windows from being opened wide enough to allow a child to climb out.

Changing stations can also be a cause of injury but this usually is a consequence of adults believing their toddler to be obtain and walking away. Using a wedge shaped changing mat can help enormously in ensuring your baby can’t roll away and some changing tables already have securings to obtain your child. Keep your changing gear out of baby’s grasp. An accidental talcum powder spill can have detrimental effects to an infant.

Window dressings are a shared reason of injuries and death in babies. It’s important that short curtains are used that youngsters can’t become entwined in and that the cords on Venetian blinds are kept short. If you do use blinds, be sure to tuck the cords away high above baby’s reach and never place nursery furniture your baby occupies, like her cot or the changing table, near the blinds.

Select your toy storage carefully. Seek out toy chests that have no lid or have fabric. Boxes are alluring places for toddlers to climb into so it’s vital they can’t become retained. You should also attempt to select nursery furniture with lids and drawers that are not as likely to grind your child’s tiny digits. Doors also present a threat to children’s digits and all doors must be fitted with safety mechanisms to prevent little digits from becoming crushed

By following sound information and ensuring their furniture meets the European legislation new parents can produce safe, stylish and welcoming nurseries for their new arrival.

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