Diagnosis Problems Contribute to Many Malpractice situations

Diagnosis Problems Contribute to Many Malpractice situations

Medical malpractice is now the third leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer. It has been reported that as many as 98,000 people die each year in American hospitals due to medical mistakes. The very place where you entrust the staff to save your life, may be the very place that a life-threatening mistake can be made. The statistics below show just how pervasive a problem medical malpractice really is in our country.

· 12,000 deaths per year due to unnecessary surgeries

· 7000 deaths per year due to medication errors

· 20,000 deaths per year due to other errors in hospitals

· 80,000 deaths a year due to infections gotten in hospitals

· 106,000 deaths per year due to negative effects of drugs

Diagnosis Errors

One kind of malpractice, medical misdiagnosis, is a substantial contributor to the upsetting medical malpractice statistics. Misdiagnosis is defined as error in diagnosis including making the wrong diagnosis, failure to diagnose, or delayed diagnosis. Many people may assume that grave medical mistakes only take place in operating rooms and emergency rooms, but that is not the case. Some of the highest dollar payouts to medical malpractice victims have been related to misdiagnosis, failure to diagnosis, or delayed diagnosis.

In most cancer, heart attack and appendicitis malpractice situations, the cause for the person’s experiencing or death is usually credited to the healthcare specialized’s wrong or delayed diagnosis or to the failure to diagnosis properly at all. Delayed diagnosis of heart attack or appendicitis can rapidly rule to death, and a delayed cancer diagnosis can rule to a shorter life for the cancer victim.

Flaws in the System?

Unfortunately, the medical system in place in the United States has played a large role in undermining the health of Americans. It has been estimated that as many as 40 million Americans do not have access to healthcare. Essentially, families of low socioeconomic position are often cut off from receiving a decent level of health care. in spite of of the rising cost of health care, the American people do not enjoy good health when compared with our counterparts in industrialized nations. Among thirteen countries, the U.S. was ranked twelfth based on the measurement of 16 health indicators such as life expectancy, low birth weight averages and infant mortality.

If you feel you have been the victim of medical malpractice in the form of being diagnosed incorrectly, getting a delayed diagnosis, or not being diagnosed at all, then there are steps you can take to find out if you are entitled to monetary compensation.

A failure to diagnose, a delayed diagnosis or a wrong diagnosis often leads to an untreatable illness (or death) that would have been more treatable if diagnosed properly and in a timely fact.

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