Dimplex Opti Myst Problems, Reviews and Prices

Dimplex is a major manufacturer of Electric Fires and has been at the spotlight of the electric fires market for over 20 years offering exceptional products. However, there are several other similar products obtainable which could offer better value for money and be more appropriate, depending on your requirements.

What made Dimplex a famous brand?

In the early 1980’s electric fires were first launched and at the time competing fires had an awful ribbon effect and did not properly emulate the look and feel of a fire. The majority of homeowners would opt away from electric fires as they were viewed as inferior and often referred to as a fake fireplace. At the time, the economy was depressed and there was little or no innovation in the development of new products. During this tough economic period, Dimplex was the first to improving the electric fires market by developing a revolutionary effect called the opti flame which used a series of mirrors to mirror a static flame effect. This effect is nevertheless very popular in today’s market and very affordable.

Like all patented products, this can only be exclusively manufactured by Dimplex and over the years is the reason the firm is a household name in electrical heating. After the set afloat and success of the Opti Flame effect no major manufacturer was able to add considerably to the incredibly lucrative electric fires market. Dimplex in addition again made a revolutionary improving by incorporating a smoke machine in the electric fire. The overall effect is absolutely breathtaking and so realistic you wouldn’t touch it!

Other flame effect fires:

1. Flavel fires invented a simple effect that looked like tights being illuminated, despite the basic design technology, are extremely realistic. Flavel have a Surprisingly low retail price, and these fires retail for as little as £160 and are incredible value for money. It is not surprising why they are the incredibly popular.

2. Valor fires invented the Valor size range, which is based around a hologram and makes the fuel bed look like a glowing fire. There is a modest flicker effect and the fire is quite realistic. The most impressive aspect of the Valor size is the ability for the flame effect to be illuminated when the fire is turned off. This is truly incredible as the fire nevertheless glows when there is no electricity being used at all. The fire stores the electrical energy (similar to a solar powered calculator) and illuminates in darkness without using any additional strength. Valor has always had a reputation for high quality frames (called trims) and frets (bottom part of fire) on all its gas fires. A new range of Valor size fires now offer their patented range of trims and frets on electric fires and the overall consequence is simply dramatically. Their electric fires are almost identical to their gas fire counterparts, which was never imaginable to the majority of homeowners.

3. There are several companies importing electric fires from low cost countries such as china, however the flame effect is frequently terrible and really lacks realism

Opti Myst Problems

1. The Opti Myst needs to be filled with filtered water for the smoke effect to work. The incredible characterize about this fire is the ability to create the effect using water. The water is converted into vapour and illuminated by carefully positioned bulbs as it rises. The vapour is cold to touch.

2. The fire needs to be filled with filtered water and the use of tap water with a lime-extent will jam the working mechanism of the fire. This requirement is clearly stated in the instructions, and easy to get around.

3. The fire needs a recess thoroughness of 160mm. traditional electric fires only need 55mm, and this makes the fire unsuitable for flat wall installation. Some companies would suggest fitting against a flat wall is possible, however 160mm it is extremely thorough and the additional thoroughness is hidden by fitting a plastic strip around the working recessed engine of the fire (called a spacer). This effectively method the fire sits on the hearth (base section of fireplace) and is hidden by a plastic strip which isn’t a great option.

4. If you want to fully recess the fire into a fire surround then you need a fireplace with sufficient recess thoroughness (called a rebate). The void in the fireplace (Rebate) should be 160mm to adjust to the Dimplex Opti Myst fire


The Dimplex Opti Myst retails for as much as £500 – £900 in showrooms, and for that reason is not a very affordable different for the majority of homeowners.

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