Dissatisfaction Breeds Creativity

The famous Bob Proctor asserts ‘Dissatisfaction is a creative state‘. Do you agree?

Be grateful in life.

Be satisfied with what we have and never ask for too much.

How many times have we come across these statements?

Agree that Gratitude is the genesis of all progress in life. The Law Of allurement discloses to us that the more gratitude we show for what we already have, the more we will attract in our life.

However, do you really believe we should be satisfied with what we are or with what we have when thorough inside we know our true possible is idle? Dissatisfaction breeds creativity because it sets your mind on a continuous thinking frequency. And this was exactly what I have been going by for the past six to seven years. And my questions in my mind changed FROM

  • Is this all life is about?
  • Till when will this continue?


  • How can I change my life?
  • How can I tap into my true possible and project my real worth to the world?

Way back in Mauritius I had a great job, decent income but in addition I was not satisfied with my working lifestyle. The truth is I was not happy with my cubicle lifestyle at all because I knew I wasn’t projecting my best version to the world. This bothered me a lot as I did not know how to change my life? Dissatisfaction gave rise to my curiosity and I was intrigued by what affluent people, enjoying a freedom lifestyle, were doing differently from people caged in a cubicle, trading TIME for MONEY: people like me. Some people have defined this state of mind as Creative Dissatisfaction.

No matter how harder I worked, the situation was stagnating or already getting worse. More time was being traded for money. THERE MUST BE A WAY OUT AND I CANNOT BE STUCK IN THIS LIFESTYLE ALL MY LIFE. I kept saying and I kept researching: The Secret, The Magic, The strength, Unleash Your strength Within, Think and Grow high, to name a few of the personal growth books that became my best friends on this journey. by my readings I realised that I couldn’t hope for a different consequence if I kept doing the same thing: as long as I restricted myself in a cubicle and kept complaining, I would never be able to change my life. Research has shown & famous personal growth gurus have affirmed that all affluent and wealthy people have multiple supplies of income. And I was determined to create this lifestyle too: A freedom lifestyle with multiple supplies of income as I had a burning desire to Escape the Rat Race.

Crossing the oceans in quest of freedom did not instantaneously change my cubicle lifestyle and my new questions did not stop either. However I realised that I was no longer feeling stuck. My new set of questions were changing my paradigms on my lifestyle for me. Suddenly I felt there was hope ahead. My mind had become creative in its state of dissatisfaction. And little by little several options were opening their gateway. The rise of the Digital Economy opened doors to opportunities. Why not adopt the digital lifestyle: The Internet lifestyle!

More than ever, I now believe that the right opportunity comes to the right person at the right time. Oprah Winfrey defines this circumstance as ‘LUCK’: When Preparation Meets Opportunity.

If you believe your worth is much more than the hourly rate printed on your bi-weekly or monthly payslip,

If you believe that your passion and purpose are beyond a cubicle,

If you want to be different from the crowd and escape the rate race,


Make the DECISION & Define a GOAL

A decision is like that linchpin without which no other action will unfold.

  • If you wish for change to happen
  • If you are dissatisfied with your current results,

Then you have no other choice than to become creative! Remember, dissatisfaction is the abode for creativity. There must come that point in your life where you make that decision to stop doing what you have been doing until now; Once you make that decision, your whole life change gear as from that point. Set yourself a goal on what you want to unprotected to.

We need a goal that’s such a burning desire for us that we HAVE to get it done to motivate us to do more. Make it something you lose sleep over. Make it something epic. Make it awesome. It will be your motivating force- that target which never leaves your vision.

Create a PLAN

If you don’t have a plan, you are just showing up and playing bumper cars with everyone else.You are only as good as your plans. Successful outcomes are a consequence of good strategies and game plans. Sporting events, business goals, and battles cannot be won without a plan. The success of all of these things are dictated by systems and plans, in addition, when we think about our lives, how many of us truly have a plan for success?

Most people don’t have a plan because they don’t know already know what they want out of life. Once you figure that out, you can form a specific plan to accomplish that specific outcome.

Remember: Detailed goals excursion specific actions to unprotected to those goals.

Which brings us to taking action on our plans…

Take Consistent ACTION

Decision, Goal and Plan are useless if there is no consistent action taken upon. It has to be something you are excited to work on EVERYDAY. It has to be something that DRIVES you. Your PASSION can be your excursion. As humans, we tend to only work as hard as we have to. consequently, the secret is to have something driving you that forces you to be creative and take action!

Important part of the journey is learning and educating yourself consistently. You don’t have to be alone in your journey.

Seek the coaching and guidance of mentors who have already achieved what you are seeking to unprotected to.

Most happy, highly successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs have produced their own way. That is what separates them from everybody else. These exceptional entrepreneurs create at any rate they want, whenever they want with whomever they choose in their life. The shared thread between all of them is the excursion they possess to write their own ticket.

Do you have a excursion to write your own ticket? Dissatisfaction with your current lifestyle can become a excursion if your wish to create a better lifestyle turns into a burning desire.

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