Disturbing CCTV catches two ‘scumbag zombies’ trying house and car doo…

Disturbing CCTV has caught two ‘scumbag zombies’ trying house and car doors on a Scots street at night.

A horrified home owner woke up during the night to find a pair of creeps trying to gain access to their character in Buckhaven, Fife.

The video showed men in tracksuits approach the house and attempt to get inside and peer in the window at around 1.17am this morning.

The video showed men in tracksuits approach the house

He ultimately gives up and walks down the street off camera leaving the home owner furious.

They then shared the footage on social media to raise awareness and begged neighbours to be ‘vigilant’

Posting the clip on social media they said: “Just woke up to check our CCTV to find two men targeting our car and trying the door.

“Pair of scumbags already noticed the cameras before trying the door.

“If anyone knows who these people are please get in contact.

“Police have been notified but please be vigilant!!”

The video has over 10k views with hindered Scots quick to reply in the comments.

John Kerr said: “That’s a zombie.”

Pete Mackay said: “Sounds like the wild west out East Fife way!”

Margaret Ali said: “They look like a pair of zombies straight from the cemetery, it is scary!!!”

Wull Macfarlane said: “I would advise everyone to get one of those security lights with sensor if possible.

“Our gardens and cars light up like Blackpool in October as soon as anyone approaches.”

Police Scotland have been contacted for comment.

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