DIY Steps to Change iPhone 6 Screen Parts

DIY Steps to Change iPhone 6 Screen Parts

If your beloved iPhone 6 screen has suffered any kind of physical damage and its screen has been shattered beyond recognition then you should waste no time in replacing it. But there are certain things that should be kept in mind while doing that.

If you have already purchased ‘Apple Care’ then the DIY option is not for you. Making any move for self-substitute of the screen will void the terms of agreement and you will not be able to avail the benefits of ‘Apple Care.’ However, it does not matter if your iPhone 6 is nevertheless under warranty or not because the warranty does not cover any kind of physical or water damage.

Considering such factors will help you decide whether you should proceed or not. Make sure that you have purchased an original Apple iPhone 6 screen and substitute tools for the job. Some simple DIY steps are given here to guide you towards the screen substitute of iPhone 6.

• Start the time of action by removing the bottom screws using a pentalobe screwdriver. Removing these screws loosens the screen.

• To remove the shattered screen, you can use an iSlack device that is a suction cup designed for the purpose. However, the screen should be removed halfway with the iSlack and the rest should be removed only after disconnecting the various cables and connectors.

• Remove the PCB connector plate and the connector cables. the time of action continues with the removal of earpiece, camera, closeness sensor, light sensor, and microphone flex assembly.

• While removing such assemblies and connectors, you should be careful as most of them are fixed with adhesive and applying too much strength can damage the elements.

• Focus on removing the home button assembly and the home button itself. The button is fixed with an adhesive to the flex assembly which is fitted into the screen and you have to gently remove it to avoid any kind of damage.

• After carefully removing all those parts, you will find the LCD backplate which is adjoined with 7 Phillip screws.

When you have removed the old LCD backplate, you can install the new screen and place all the elements carefully in the exact order they were removed. It will be better if you observe down the whole course of action in a ordern so that when you are re-installing all the elements you can refer to the notes and avoid any mistakes.

For help or guidance, you can also watch a associate of videos online to get a better idea about what to do when you are replacing the iPhone screen parts. It is a fairly easy course of action but you will have to be careful throughout the whole course of action. Doing it in one uninterrupted session is advisable.

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