Do Electronic Pest Repeller’s Really Work?

There is a argue going on throughout the Internet about the usefulness and effectiveness of Electronic pest repeller’s. Do they really work? Do you ward off pests like rats, mice, insects, and other unwanted creatures? The answer is a little vague, they work “most of the time”.

Not a definitive answer to an important question for a lot of people. The reason it is not definitive is that there has been very little scientific research on the devices and the little that has been done is inconclusive. That leaves us with personal opinion and testimony.

Before we talk about that lets take a look at the different types of Electronic Pest Repeller’s out there. One of the most popular Pest Repeller’s is one that claims to use Electromagnetic Technology. The brand says the “unit truly changes the normal field around your wiring, creating an ecosystem that pests just can’t tolerate.” Another popular kind is the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller. These types say “ultrasonic sound groups attack the auditory and nervous systems of most shared pests causing them pain and discomfort.” The last technology for Electronic Pest Repeller’s is Ionic air cleaning. These say cleaning the air with Ions is an effective way of repelling pests. Those are the 3 main technologies of Pest Repelling. We will have more info about each in future articles.

Back to the question at hand, do they work? Most people will say “yes”, they do work for them. Naturally, some say they do not work. However, from our research, the feedback is mostly positive. The other very important evidence we point to is the popularity of Electronic Pest Repeller’s. Millions have been sold worldwide and millions more every year. Logic concludes that if they didn’t work, sales would be plummeting. The consumer will usually decide how good a product is and in this case they must work pretty well. Compared to the cost (both financial, safety, and time) of chemical treatment, Electronic Pest Repeller’s may be worth a try.

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