Epstein ‘kept ‘small’ schoolgirl outfits and nude pics of girls outsid…

JEFFREY Epstein kept “small” schoolgirl outfits near his massage room and photos of young girls outside the bedroom he shared with Ghislaine Maxwell, a court heard today.

Prosecutors at Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial said they wanted the pictures and outfits to be used in evidence to show the millionaire’s “interest in underage girls”.


Epstein kept nude pics of girls outside his bedroom which he shared with Maxwell, the court heardCredit: Enterprise


The massage room in Palm Beach also contained ‘small’ schoolgirl outfits, the jury was toldCredit: Splash News

estimate Alison Nathan, sitting in New York, agreed – but ruled that supposed semen stains found on one of Epstein’s massage tables was not admissible as evidence.

Maxwell, 59, is accused of preying on unprotected young girls and luring them to massage rooms to be molested by her former lover between 1994 and 2004.

Epstein would make staff take down pictures of Maxwell when he attended his home in Florida with women and girls, the court heard today.

The jury was also shown police videotape of the interior of Epstein’s Florida home which will not be made obtainable to the media or public.

Shot during a 2005 raid at the Palm Beach home, the footage shows the character decorated with nude photos and paintings of young women.

Federal lawyers claim the decor is proof of a sexualized air promoted by Maxwell.

A photo of the paedophile’s goddaughter sitting across his lap as he appears to be “pulling her underwear” and sharp her bum was also submitted as evidence.

According to prosecution lawyers, the photo hung outside his bedroom in Palm Beach which he shared with Maxwell.

The picture was found in 2005 by cops during the FBI raid.

Prosecutor Maurene Comey said it showed a “deeply disturbing oversexualizing of a young girl.”

Another prosecutor Alison Moe said the schoolgirl outfits found at the mansion “speaks to a preference for underage girls.”

She said: “Schoolgirl costumes, small ones, were found on the same floor of the house by the massage rooms where underage girls were abused.”

Following Epstein’s arrest in 2019, police found a “great trove” of nude photos at his New York mansion along with CDs of images showing girls who were underage.


However, this is the first time it has emerged the sex offender kept schoolgirl outfits at one of his homes.

The government alleges Maxwell groomed girls by taking them on shopping trips and movie outings and encouraging them to accept financial help from Epstein.

It is also alleged she talked to the girls about sex and promoted them to give Epstein massages. She denies all the allegations.

The financier’s former housekeeper Juan Alessi was cross-examined by Maxwell’s defence counsel Jeffrey Pagliuca on Friday, in which he described his employment as “slavery”.

He also said he wished alleged victims had complained to him at the time he worked there, telling the court in Manhattan: “I wish they had, I would have done something.”


The housekeeper admitted driving 14-year-old ‘Jane’ – Maxwell’s youngest accuser – to Epstein’s house in Florida, and seeing Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts there when she was “14 or 15”.

This follows Epstein’s former pilot Larry Visoski claiming he thought Virginia looked like an adult, saying: “she didn’t look young.”

The prosecution submitted two pictures of the alleged sex slave as evidence today.

Mr Alessi confirmed he was handed a household manual by “lady of the house” Maxwell when he managed Epstein’s Palm Beach home between 1994 and 2002.

The Charges

GHISLAINE Maxwell faces six charges over her alleged involvement with Jeffrey Epstein:

  • Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to include in illegal sex acts
  • Enticement of a minor to travel to include in illegal sex
  • Conspiracy to transport minors with intent to include in criminal sexual activity
  • Transportation of a minor with intent to include in criminal sexual activity
  • Sex trafficking conspiracy
  • Sex trafficking of a minor


Court drawings show Maxwell arriving at the New York courtCredit: Reuters

The highly-detailed 58-page booklet, which was written by a “countess”, the court heard, was released today.

It told Epstein’s staff to “try and anticipate the needs of Mr Epstein, Ms Maxwell and their guests”, adding: “Do not discuss personal problems with guests. Unobtrusive is the meaningful.”

In capital letters it told them to: “SMILE!”

It detailed what Maxwell and Epstein liked for breakfast and already that she had ‘Lady Ghislaine’ observe paper around the house in Florida.

Lady Ghislaine was the name of the boat owned by her father Robert Maxwell who fell off the canal and drowned near the Canary Islands in 1991.

The household manual warned staff: “NEVER disclose Mr Epstein or Ms Maxwell’s activities or whereabouts to anyone.

“Remember that you see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing, except to answer a question directed at you. Respect their privacy.”

Mr Alessi, 71, testified: “It was a warning. I was supposed to be blind, deaf and dumb, to say nothing.”

The manual also stated that a gun was “placed in beside table drawer” in the master-bedroom shared by Epstein and Maxwell in Palm Beach home.

After calling the booklet “degrading”, Alessi, speaking of the 24/7 work he did for Epstein and Maxwell, said: “It was slavery.”


Two pictures of alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts were submitted as evidence today


Ghislaine Maxwell is accused of helping her ex-lover Jeffrey Epstein abuse young girlsCredit: Getty

Ecuadorian Alessi testified on Thursday that he had placed a “large dildo” back in Maxwell’s closet and found a black leather “costume” in there too.

The British socialite faces six charges connected to Epstein’s sex trafficking ring and has pleaded not guilty.

Ghislaine appeared in court this week along with her sister Isabel, her brother Kevin and a small group of supporters.

Epstein and Maxwell rubbed shoulders with the world’s high and famous – allegedly hiding in plain sight amid a web of sex abuse.

Multi-millionaire Epstein would keep a “little black book” of powerful contacts as he jetted around the world allegedly with Maxwell.

Prosecutors argue Maxwell “served up” young girls to her former lover and also allegedly participated in some of the attacks.

She is also alleged to have lied under oath by hiding her participation in Epstein’s offences during a separate civil case.

Her lawyers deny all charges against her and claim she is being made a proxy for Epstein and have painted the alleged victims as money-hungry.


A page from the booklet staff were given at Epstein’s characterCredit: Splash


Juan Patricio Alessi told the court Maxwell was the ‘lady of the house’Credit: Mirrorpix
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