Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles By Skipping Before Gym

One of the best exercises to get rid of love handles will be skipping. Let me start off by saying that if you think that just by going to the gym and start working out and lose weight, then you will need to rethink this untrue belief. There are truly a lot of preparation work for your body in order to gain the maximum effect of working out in the gym.

A lot of factors truly depend on your present weight and body mass. If you are just slightly plump, then it will be easier for you to workout in the gym with a certain success rate. But if you have not been to the gym all your life, or it’s been 10 years since you last seen how the gym will appear to you, then I would advise you to do some light workout before entering the gym. already these light exercises will allow you to build some abdominal muscles to replace those ugly love handles.

You will need to prepare your body, loosen the fats and start exercising little by little each day. Let me explain why this is necessary (I am speaking from personal experience).

It took me 3 diet and training failed attempts before I realize where my mistake was. Whenever I have the guilty feeling that I am getting fat, I will closest hit the gym and what the gym fellas will say, “pump the iron”. I will regularly exercise and give tremendous stress to the different parts of my muscles and within 1 week, all my muscles were in continued pain.

Over-stretch, over-trained and the eventual consequence was that I had to rest at home for at the minimum 1 week before all my muscles recovered. There was no weight loss, my love handles are nevertheless there and I could not aim until all my muscles are well-rested.

And guess what I was doing while resting? Watching the television, munching on those snacks like there is no tomorrow. It was only on my 3rd diet attempt that I realized I had to speed myself, let my body know what I am preparing it for. One of the best advice my personal friend (who has a superb washboard abs by the way) was to just start skipping 2 weeks to 1 month before you start going to the gym.

Week 1 – Start skipping 100 a day. Then slowly increase to 200 per day.

Week 2 – Start attempting to increase the skipping to 200 each time per day. You can slowly work up to 300 skip. By now, you can already start to feel that you are losing weight, especially the fats around our waistline.

Week 3 – Attempt to hit 500 skips a day. You will definitely feel the strain for the whole body.

Week 4 – Attempt to skip 1000 times a day. Your perspiration will just keep flowing, metabolism increased, and your body is ready to accept some serious training. (You are on your way to great abs too!)

All these skipping exercises to get rid of love handles is to get your body to get used to some good cardio training, build up those muscles and you will not confront the problem of being burn out. So let us all start to skip our way to great abs!

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