Experienced DUI Lawyer Vs Public Defender

Experienced DUI Lawyer Vs Public Defender

When you have been arrested and accused of DUI in Virginia, you may be appointed a public defender to represent you at your court date. In most situations, this is done when the defendant does not have the money to hire their own attorney. You should be aware however, that there are major differences between a public defender and an experienced Virginia DUI lawyer.

What is a public defender?

A public defender is a complete-fledged attorney that is employed by the government to represent citizens who cannot provide their own legal council. In times when courts are experiencing a high quantity of situations, a public defender may have multiple trials going on at any given time. This causes their resources to be spread thin and leaves them with little time to devote to each individual client.

Advantages of a Private Virginia DUI Lawyer

Whenever possible you should seek legal representation from an experienced Virginia DUI Lawyer instead of a public defender. already though both attorneys may have gone to the same law school and graduated with the same credentials, their abilities and attitudes may differ greatly.

A private Virginia DUI lawyer takes DUI defense situations only, meaning your case is the only kind of matter they are concerned with. When a lawyer niches their practice this way, they are concentrating on only that area of law, allowing them more knowledge and experience.

While a public defender often has little say in the clients they represent, a private Virginia DUI lawyer has the right to choose their clients. When a lawyer is confident that they can help your case, they will agree to represent you. It’s much better to have a lawyer who is eager to represent you, instead of one who is only doing so because that’s their job.

Another advantage a private Virginia DUI lawyer has is that because they choose their clients, they also control their quantity of situations. Many public defenders are often overwhelmed with situations during busy times, and consequently may not be able to give your case the kind of personal attention a private Virginia DUI lawyer can offer.

Issues with Public Defenders

Unfortunately, in an attempt to get by their situations quickly, many poor public defenders will closest try to convince you to submit to a plea agreement. Settling your case with a plea agreement is the fastest resolution, but it does not already attempt to analyze your DUI defense options. By submitting a plea agreement without a second opinion on your case, you may be harming yourself by accepting harsher charges than you should be unprotected to.

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