Exterminating Bed Bugs

In the past we would think of bed bugs as a problem that our grand mothers had, or a problem for poor people living in a bad area. Recently, though, they have become a modern day problem that affects all kinds of homes, from the wealthy to the middle class to the poor, and from the cities to the suburbs to the country.

Having bed bugs is a horrifying experience for anybody. Sleeping by the night, only to discover tiny bites that itch all day long, is uncomfortable and frustrating. No one wants to go back to sleep the next night, with the knowledge that the diners will be back for more, and likely with a few new friends.

This is the reason why killing them and making sure that they never come back is very important.

Bed bugs can be found in all parts of the world. No country or climate is immune to their hunger.

Infestations of the pests begin from a variety of different supplies. A shared culprit that begins a home invasion is furniture that is shared by many different people. Hostel, bed a and breakfasts and motels are chief spreaders of infection.

Modern infestations are truly connected to those that travel frequently. They often get a free ride in luggage, packages and already shoes of travelers.

Interestingly enough, rarely are these bugs in the clothes that are being worn at the moment. Clothes folded in luggage, yes, but not on a person. Why not?

Who knows, perhaps the bugs just don’t want to be that close to their food all of the time.

Remember, these are parasites that eat blood, they do not eat trash. So, the thought that cleanliness repels bed bugs doesn’t keep up. Its an old wives tale.

Now, I’m not knocking being clean, and cleanliness does help stem bed bugs, as they have fewer safe hiding places and the eggs are more quickly killed. However, cleanliness in itself won’t stop an invasion of the blood suckers.

Like most parasites, appear to have a fantastic immune system that quickly adapts to pesticides. This method that you need to hire an exterminator as soon as possible, because otherwise you are just making the bugs more resilient and harder to kill.

If you are experiencing from these pests, I understand what you are going by. Its a horrible experience. Take my advice, the sooner you pull out your secret weapon (your cell phone) and get the pest control van on its way to your house, the better you’ll sleep at night!

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