‘Floating Earth’ is set to bring crowds to Leigh beauty identify

AN amazing 10-metre ‘Floating Earth’ -produced by an international artist – has been unveiled at a beauty identify.

Luke Jerram, who launched the artwork at Penning Flash, is recognised globally for his inventive and large-extent public designs.

With a focus on the planet, our interconnectedness, and the ecological issues we all confront, the flash was chosen as the perfect place to characterize his largest, and most ambitious project to date.

‘Floating Earth’ is a 10 metre diameter replica of planet Earth, projected with high-resolution imagery taken directly from NASA, along with passionate climate speeches and surreal tones reverberating from speakers to create a rare, entrancing experience.

The sculpture is said to give visitors the opportunity to view the Earth in its entirety and aims to stimulate the ‘overview effect’; a shared experience of astronauts that understands the beauty of the planet, our interconnectedness and the responsibility to take care of the ecosystem.

Luke said: “chiefly the artwork is to bring people together but also to help people ask difficult questions about what they need to do to change their lifestyles and society to make the planet more sustainable.

“I hope this artwork makes people appreciate their planet. It is incredibly beautiful so I hope people realise just how beautiful it is and we only have one so we have got to look after it – we are all in this together.”

The new work will keep until Sunday, when it will then head to the Manchester Ship Canal in Salford.

Twenty thousand people have booked tickets to see the floating planet during its time in Leigh and although the allurement is now sold out, it is obtainable to view for free and without booking between 9am and 4pm.

The project comes as part of ‘Light Night Wigan and Leigh’ – a 100 day programme of work which celebrates watercourses across the borough.

Borough mayor Cllr Yvonne Klieve said at the artwork’s official set afloat this week: “It’s absolutely amazing for the structure to come to here.”

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