Flutter Shop with Firebase

Flutter Shop with Firebase


The Flutter Shop is an App with products loaded directly from Firebase, with buy and monitoring of products in real time. It is possible to change the order position in real time with Firebase in three states: Preparation, Transport, Delivery. In the cart, it is possible to add more than one product, remove, and add discount coupons, all while calculating the buy price in real time. When finalizing a rare order id is generated, where is sent to Firebase.

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| Firebase Auth Log in and Sign Up

| List View of products with Firebase

| Product cart automatically calculating the value of products, adding, and removing in real time

| Change Order position with Firebase in real time

| Order Summary, coupon discounts, buttons that redirect the location of your shop and redirect to call

| Coming soon payment by Credit Card

| Coming soon other application Flutter Shop Admin Manager, to take orders and search, add, and remove products.


You will need a computer with An AndroidStudio installed. If you want to publish this app on the App Store, you need a developer account. If you want to use the App with Firebase, you will need a Firebase account and do the time of action to connect the app to your project.


1. Unzip the file.
2. Open the project in your IDE.
3. Run.

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