Forex Trend Reactionary Numbers

What if you had a forward looking Indicator that helped you determine at what point the market was at, in the markets over all range?

What if this indicator also helped you determine if the trend of a money would continue?

Do you think that this indicator would be of substantial help in your trading?

You bet it would!

I would like to introduce you to my Trend Reactionary Numbers. Also known as TRNs.

Trend Reactionary Numbers are major turning points in money markets

Trend reactionary numbers are what the inner course of action also dubbed the Magic numbers. I have developed these numbers over the years by working several different Wave Systems. These are my variation of Elliot Wave with defined points. They are based on a Fibonacci Wave count that I developed and are very, very accurate. These points float and are always changing I reset them as soon as the Market resets and gives me the signal that a wave pattern has finished. I don’t manufacture these points the Market does.

These points are the Trump Card of the whole deck to coin a phrase. I am always looking to work toward these points and see how the market reacts at them. These points are a forward looking indicator. You can Trade these points as stand alone as a completely separate system.

Markets always move from Euphoria to Dysphoria (everything always moves back to the Middle, as I state in my book.) I will Buy these levels as a sustain with a 35 pip s/l, and also reverse if they fail. I will also sell these as a resistance with a 35 pip s/l and reverse if they fail.(This is the rule of thumb, every money has its own Harmonic wave,example GBP is approximately 43 pips.Easy to find just go back and find the Average True Range for the last 20 days.)

So if we are approaching a down side Trend Reactionary Number I will buy it, and see how the Market reacts, If I see it failing I will go short if the market breaks 35 pips below it. I look to go from one TRN to the other. Same on the up side will sell at a TRN and see if it holds, if it breaks above will go long (reverse My position) Looking to move to the next Trend Reactionary Number.

Here are Some Trend Reactionary Numbers for the month of December 2010. (I plot these points for all the major money Pairs and the Related Crosses. Cross pairs such as GBP/YEN,GBP/NZD,EUR/YEN,EUR/GBP,AUD/YEN,AUDCAD etc. They are extremely accurate.)

Just Plot these points on your chart and you will see the strength of them.The market triggered me to calculate these points November 27,2010. They usually last about 3-6 weeks.

Euro/$ GBP/$

1. 1.4368 1.6448

2. 1.4182 1.6225

3. 1.3883 1.6012

4. 1.3668 1.5777

5. 1.3577 1.5555

6. 1.3221 1.5328

7. 1.3032 1.5110

8. 1.2678 1.4979

9. 1.2512 1.4530

These points again were given out on November 27,2010 go back to your charts and plot them see how having this forward looking indicator would of been able to enhance your trading performance.

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