Forgotten Dreams 17


IF I could only softly tread the crumbled gabled halls ‘midst rose decked walls

Of lofty, light and tranquil home, enshrining Beauty, then no more I’d roam –

But rest, in knowing that although my own vague dream unrealised in addition may be

It nevertheless exists as a pattern to be claimed in someone else’s far Reality

To know the beauty of unclouded days when sparkled dew and zephyred breeze

Bestows romantic glow of beauty adorning all gardens, flowers, and trees

Would give me wondrous peace. To know, and hope, that in some far flung day and clime

I would once more keen taste the sweetness of distributed moonbeams, beamed sunshine,

And draw upon the sights and subtlest perfumes which the gods are so inclined

To inhale, feast, sip from this earth, ambrosial essence spirit brings to birth

Oh heaven sent, these thoughts of mine, to safely harbour with delight sublime

Noble pictures of life beauteous, kind, and consequently within, true treasures find…

Behind old castle walls…



With pain we must work to regain

What’s lost by neglect or daily use

Little by little the quality of life

Whether by our information, thought or deed

Like a tiny sensitive seed

Goodness, culture needs a special care

And so in countless careless ways

We cast the energy of our days

Without tending, watering our culture’s plant

Help bring fresh quality to flower

Quality which is the strength

Giving human life its dignity

So hard won, is the daily sum

Of improvements in our human ways

Habits leading us all to happier days

‘Twould be easier not to lose

Than have to experience pain

Trying regain our past lot

So remind us of our culture

Help us retain and not surrender

And have to revive our efforts once again

Recapturing grace and beauty

Kindliness and sense of duty

keep true to our culture each day.



When king’s decree

Is church, thrice blessed

And armies resting all content…

When scholars’ words

And music’s tunes

And art responds to beauty’s plumes…


When minds of men

And young maids are pure

And natural life in balance lives

Then kingdoms all find happiness…

When government is wise indeed

And rulers, God and man are pleased

Defence is silent as no need

For strife, discord in man or creed

In scholars, artists, missions call

The artisans and tradesmen all

Enjoy the climate, life and time

When family life and peace are chief

When wisdom rules and truth the aim

Governance can favour claim

Leaders wise must take strong their aim

To rule the populace again

To recognize and bend with such

As might see pattern, order, much

Of royal character, noble, true

Return to human pride anew

Thrice valued freedom so hard won

Then cultured state of man will come

The finer, natural state of man

Who uses knowledge, wisdom too…

In governance of me and you.



It is but a fleeting span from youth to old age

But a short time for the blossom to fade

Life fires oft burnt out before the last stage

Or when mind’s mature, man grows to sage.

The body from youth to age doth decay

Feelings have changed and no passion can stay

The heart starts complete and as years pass away

It empties, the heart’s love, or so some say.

Mind though is strange and has life of its own

Old age compensates with wisdom ingrown

Wisdom from seeds of the knowledge been sown

Mind life increases as more years we’ve known

But what of the soul transformation there?

Can the soul pure and untainted, declare

Years have no meaning, what matters our care

To proportion infinite One life, wondrous, scarce!

So joy in spirit and joyful the soul

Joy in intelligent mind in the whole

Joy in surrend’ring, and joy in control

Joy in change from youth towards goal!

Age seems small matter and comfort, in this

That youth’s beauty and life, though sorely missed

provide to finer awareness to assist

Eventual completion of life in bliss.



Our earth is the homeland of all life and mankind

Creatures from marine life, forest, mountains afar

All are content when the natural elements rule

To provide us with energy from Cosmic Space.

Our earliest men named these great elements “gods,”

Some well understood their function, strength and their place

And some used these agencies to their advantage

Subjecting their brothers using cruel method and fear

The gentle sweet souls who feel at one with all life

In their simple greatness retreat free of earth strife

Seeking solitude in highlands, mountains, valleys

Regions unfrequented, places unstained by man

Not feeling at home on our earth where man settles

In numbers so great we lose sense of noughts, numerals

Some seem obtain and safe in a crowded city

Others compassionate, their hearts drawn to pity

He has lost, our men living, today on the earth

The wonderland, pristine, beauteous place of his birth

The heaven that once was when harmony held strong

Now heavy, leaden, man feels he does not belong

If man seeks regain his birthplace and his strength

If man is to save earth, he must cease to cower

To values of commerce and false, throned gods adored

But have the Great Natural Gods rightfully restored.

Earth is a planet where man should be the steward

Who cares for and tends with compassion all creatures

All kingdoms of character god-given for all life

Not to slaughter and pillage but govern, with love.



Passion Moon was his name

A legend, of course

To all those in Queensland

Who’ve heard of this horse.

Passion Moon, our hero

A fine splendid steed

Standing sixteen hands high

A champion indeed

He’s old now and he’s frail

His head’s not held high

He’s tired now and ineffective

With scars on his thigh

This horse with his trainer

Worked hard that is true

So I’ll tell you his tale

Relaying to you…


His home was the racetrack

And Tableland’s bush

In the mountains’ shadow

And green scenery lush

From Sydney he had come

To this northland run

Found by a keen trainer

Harold Atkinson.

(None else saw his worth

None else had the faith

None else the patience

Of this man, who said. )

“Passion Moon is my life

I potential him well

I’ll aim him and race him

And I’ll never sell.”

A vital bay gelding

Conformation good

And stamina excellent

With a hero’s blood

The horse and his owner

For several a year

Worked hard on the green turf

In partnership dear

Until he was sixteen

Passion Moon raced, found

That on racetrack and turf

His name did resound

He was quite relentless

And proved substantial worth

Over many younger

Fine steeds on the turf

In one race he showed skill

Alone made his win

Leaving jockey at start,

Field, lengths behind him!

Of course jockey dismayed

The crowd in sustain

Cheered the veteran on

True Australian sport!

Two hundred eighty one,

The starts in his life

Two hundred and eighteen

Times placed, or he won!

Hundred and nine numbered

Are wins that he claimed

And the same number goes

For his placings attained

But he’s lazier now

His racing’s at end

He’d like to be winning

But retirement’s his friend

He’s an old bay gelding,

He sometimes stands tall,

And with a wistful gaze

Looks out from his stall

His days as a champion

On turf and bush track

Only mem’ries behind

If he could look back!



There is a path, though it climbs up long and steep.

Who finds the Path?

All those who never sleep.

Will I find this Path?

If heart and mind are true.

I wish to climb this Path

Then prepare and strengthen your will anew

Find your soul light and keep it lit

Keep clear your mind and you’ll find it

But remember, lonely is this way you’ll go

And rough and steep and progress slow.

Shared by silent pilgrims on their way

Be kind and help them night and day

My mind is sure, I will not stay

Determinedly, I choose seek that Way.



Thrice blessed are they who live with inner Peace

No deed born to threaten, or upset it

Thrice blessed are they who overflow with life

Giving out their peace by acts abounding

Both exist, Passive Peace and Active Peace

Qualities of the spiritual character

All who tread the way of human progress

Must show strength in each one of these virtues….



Penny for your thoughts, man

Tuppence for your joys

Thruppence for your pleasures

Fourpence for your toys

Fivepence for your youth, boy

Sixpence for your trust

Seven the pence for labours done

Eightpence, if you must

Ninepence for your kindness

Tenpence for your time

Eleven is close to twelve, man

A shilling and your life’s mine!




You’re a strong one, a vital one, you’ve courage and you’ve will

You’re fond of dashing out and doing things and can’t keep nevertheless

You’re Aries, and masculine, you’ll defend right and you’ll fight

You’ll go in front to do the deed and fight with all your might.


You’re a builder, a collector, you’re musical and fine

You’re fond of matter, beauty, seeking riches to call mine”

You’re Taurus, you’re heavy, you’re stubborn and you like to keep up

You’ll not let go of anything, particularly if you’re told!


You’re a lean one, a wily one, you’re clever and you’re rapid

You’re on the go from dawn to dark each talent seen as gift

Your mind is razor sharp, you quickly speak, with fine clear wit

Happiest when excited and your inspiration lit!


You’re a psychic Cancerian, with a kind, loving heart

You’re soft at chief, sensitive, shy to play a public part

Your character’s good, but retiring I don’t know why you should

Let resentment keep you in your shell -that’s not always good.


You’re a Leo next, what a wait! – I thank you for your time

Patience to wait to hear how Leo fares in his royal chief

You’re regal, and confident knowing easily how to rule

We’re lucky to know you, fortunate to love you indeed!


You’re a Virgo, this man of method, thinking pure, clear, straight

He has to have order and hates friends ever being late

He likes to think there is reason in each design of worth

Discrimination, the mind’s fine tool was his gift at birth.


The Libra man is duel natured, balanced ‘tween all pairs

Beauty, justice are important he so wisely declares

But when it comes to being fair, balancing all his facts

Finds decisions hard to make and uncertain, he reacts


Scorpio is macho man he’s positive, powerful too

He’s best not crossed because he tends to get angry with you

His mind and concentration exceptionally clear and strong

Successful, passionate he wins, whether he’s right or wrong


The man who’s Sagittarian is half man, half a beast

He’s down to earth and in addition of idealism makes a feast

He’s sporty, character loving or the philosophic kind

Has good sense of humour, reads well in addition favours his own mind


Capricorns are helping men who’re born to think of others

goal is keen when fanned by strong ambitious mothers

Quietly determined with great capacity to climb

Their ethics and attitudes make them disinclined to crime


Aquarian man is thought attuned to new and coming Age

Loved because he’s strong but also passed the sensitive stage

His heart is friendly, complete of care for other people’s lives

But he insists he remains free in everybody’s eyes


Pisces man is poet and half lives in another sphere

One can’t be sure you’ve caught his mind or if he’s really here

He dreams a lot and never minds if his dreams keep so

Vague, mystic, visionary, he adapts where’er he may go.

These are some of many elements in the Perfect Man

Now mix them, to blend them and make a good mix if you can!


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