Free Domain Registration & Free Web Hosting – Is There Such a Thin…

Free domain registration is when you have your own website. People can search for your own website by typing your site address with the term “.com” at the end of it. For example your name is John Doe; your domain registration name would be This enables your website to have your own space in the net. It’s your personal site in the net, so you can chiefly manage the growth of responses of your customers.

Free web hosting it is an online service that provides a company and other individuals a tool to post their websites for free. It basically hosts the individual’s website on the net. These free web hosts are used by those who are starting their business. The great number provides their sets by giving their clients a appropriate space for their respective product to be promoted. Others are required to pay monthly fees for them to have faster servers, and for them to have upgrades to their clients’ website.

Free domain registration goes hand in hand with free web hosting. The domain you’ve chosen to register will be carried to a web’s great number. Free web hosting is not generally for free. They ask for monthly fees in order for them to great number for your domain. Others tend to ask for a certain fee for you to get covered for the whole year for your free domain registration. Having free domain registration allows the user to have fewer expenses in promoting his website. With this, it is also much easier to generate traffic on the net.

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