Game Lineups For 2008

Game Lineups For 2008

July 2008 held E3, the biggest convention in the world where hardware, electronic devices, and game consoles come together in an effort to look back on the past year and to figure out what’s in stall for them for the next few months. Most of all, it was in E3 2008 where game developers talked about their before-released games and the ones they will release soon.

So far, PS3 has been the unanimous vote for having a game lineup which has many players excited. This can be due to the release of Metal Gear substantial 4 last June. This year also saw the release of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, which many have been clamoring to buy.

However, Xbox is not to be left behind. This year Fable 2 coming out, the sequel to the game with an amazing storyline and graphics. It looks like Fable 2 will be following fans’ expectations and getting better gameplay with wonderful graphics. And there’s always the wait Rock Band 2, where already non-exclusive gamers are buying to get the taste of rocking out their favorite songs.

There are nevertheless no updates for the use of the Wii Fit, but Nintendo’s release for Wii has The House for the Head: Overkill is a change from the arcade to its home-based console. Nintendo DS also has many lineups, one of them including the expected sequel to Phoenix Wright, with the recently released Ace Attorney Apollo Justice.

Some of the game lineups are for multi-platforms, just like the before PS exclusive Final Fantasy XIII, which will utilize both the Xbox 360 and the PS3. Nevertheless, the 2008 game lineups have been amazing so far, and there are nevertheless a few months to go.

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