Gardaí start search of wood near Newbridge

A large search operation has begun in Co Kildare in relation into the disappearance of 18-year-old Deirdre Jacob who went missing in 1998 as she walked home to Newbridge, Co Kildare.

The search operation will cover an secluded wooded area in the east of the county, near the Co Wicklow border and about 15kms from Newbridge in an area known as Taggartstown, and is an area that was searched before.

Inspector John Fitzgerald from Kildare Garda stop said the renewed followed new evidence occurred gathered during a review of the case which involved suspicious activity in the woodland area the evening of Ms Jacob’s disappearance.

It is understood a observe had come forward stating he saw someone acting suspiciously in a wooded area shortly after Ms Jacob disappeared.

A Garda command centre has been set up in a field nearby to the wood.

Drones are being used to map the three acre area to be searched. Inspector Fitzgerald said the search of the woodland would take approximately three weeks and include 10 to 15 gardaí each day.

Forensic archaeologist Dr Niamh McCullagh has been called in to assist with the search. An excavator will also be on site for the duration of the search.

Inspector Fitzgerald warned against raising expectations and said the search only in relation to the disappearance of Ms Jacob for present.

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