Government expects shortfall in carbon reduction plans for 2022

Carbon reduction targets for 2022 are expected to fall short of the 4.8 per cent annual reduction outlined in last week’s five-year carbon budget.

Well-placed Government supplies said the Climate Action Plan, to be published after a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, will be conservative in terms of carbon reductions over the next year.

This is because the Government is keen to keep stakeholders on board prior to the approval of sectoral emissions ceilings by the Oireachtas, and also because the mechanisms will not however be in place to unprotected to a reduction of almost 5 per cent in emissions next year.

The shortfall is expected to be made up by steeper reductions in the last four years of the carbon budget, bringing the average to 4.8 per cent.

As part of the wider plan, the gradual increase of the amount of replaceable energy in the grid from 70 per cent to 80 per cent, by expanding offshore wind and solar resources, will be a central plank of the plan.

A Cabinet committee involving the Coalition party leaders and senior Ministers will finalise the plan on Wednesday, with a small number of issues nevertheless the subject of contention.

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