HDFC Credit Cards For Special Purpose and Different People

HDFC Credit Cards For Special Purpose and Different People

Credit cards relieves from the risk of carrying hefty cash to make a buy. Among the private sector edges in India HDFC is one of the names which offer its customers a range of credit cards to add buying strength, do cashless shopping or budgeting expenditure.

HDFC bank has designed its range of cards to meet rare needs of different customers.

HDFC credit cards in India are classified in different categories:

typical Cards

Silver Credit Card: This card is a All – purpose credit card. When you use this card you earn 1 reward point for every Rs 150 use. You get add on card with this, have zero liability on lost card and the card is widely accepted.

Premium Cards

Gold Credit Card: This card offers cash back on booking of air / rail tickets. You get 2 reward points for every Rs 150 spent which can be redeemed against air miles. Then there is a facility of revolving credit and also gets free add on card.

Titanium Credit Card: This card gives you 2 reward points for every Rs150 on your domestic spends and 5 reward points for every Rs150 on your international spends. Card gives you travel benefits on both domestic and international airlines along with lounge access. move your balance interest free for complete three months. Then its gives 0% surcharge on buy of petrol.

Woman’s Gold Card: Women get 5% cash back on using this card for grocery/ supermarket/ Medical store purchases. In this card under reward program women gets a wide choice of redemption of reward points by Myrewards.

Platinum Plus Credit Card: This card offers exclusive travel and preferential benefits. On using this card you will be able enjoy your holidays as it offers discounts at over 28000 hotels and resorts across the world. For traveling with in India you get 5% cash back on top domestic airlines. This card also has a rare reward program, balance move facility, revolving credit facility and payment of utility bills.

Visa identifying characteristics Credit Card: Bank has designed this card to supplement the refinement and lifestyle of the elite class of the society offering various rare and exclusive features like identifying characteristics golf, identifying characteristics access, identifying characteristics holidays, identifying characteristics rewards and identifying characteristics benefits on everyday use.

World MasterCard Credit Card: A card with world class privileges to compliment a world class lifestyle. The card offers world luxury on hotel and resort bookings, world travel by offering cash back on air tickets, world holidays for strength travelers, world rewards with MasterCard travel assistance program along with MasterCard lounge access.

Special assistance Cards

Value Plus Credit Card: The card gives you and your family true Value and savings. This card guarantees cash back of 5% on your retail spends. Card lets you with draw cash up to 30% of your credit limit at very moderate charges. Then there is revolving credit facility, balance move option and lost card liability.

Health Plus Credit Card: This card is one of its kind offers health Care Credit Card with a free inbuilt Cashless Medi-claim. The card has rare features like the Cashless Medi-claim facility and discounts at leading hospitals along with basic illness cover. With this card you get add – on float cover which can be extended to the add-on cardholders. This card also have third party administrator system under this the medi-claim policy holder need not pay medical bills upfront.

Commercial Cards

Corporate Credit Card: The card has rare 24×7 expense management solution called Smart Data Online reports. The card also offers other benefits like Myrewards, fabulous discounts all over the world, petrol surcharge waiver and protection by insurance.

Business Credit Card: The card has rare features to add value to your business, along with conveniences and lifestyle benefits for business owners and the self employed community specifically. The card offers rare features like higher credit limits, use based interest rates, petro surcharge waiver, business savings and business and travel insurance covers.

Other than the rare features offered on individual cards all the HDFC cards are widely accepted over 110,000 merchant establishments across India and Nepal and close to 18 million merchant establishments around the world.

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