Help! Will He Love Me FOREVER? The Shocking Facts About Your Relationship You Must Not Miss

Help! Will He Love Me FOREVER? The Shocking Facts About Your Relationship You Must Not Miss

Does he really love me? Is he truly my soul mate, or am I simply a stop on the highway of HIS journey for his one and only? How do I know if I can really give him my heart, without getting it hurt, broken or ripped apart in a breakup? In this article we take a quick look at a very shared question and confusion that many relationship advisors are asked, and see if we can’t help you figure it out on your own BEFORE you give your heart away!

Okay, but how can I tell if he truly loves me? I don’t want to get hurt again!

The truth? Have you ever heard that saying about when you are standing INSIDE the frame you can’t see the whole picture? Well, in our experience, that’s often what happens in relationships. (especially for women) You get SO close, that you can’t step back and see what’s REALLY going on, until it’s too late. always, what happens is while other people may recognize the signs of a man who is just “stopping by”, you don’t see the same things until it’s WAY too late, and find yourself general sided by a increasing rapidly that truly breaks your heart. (and spirit!)

So what are the sorts of things you can do to protect yourself from a horrendous broken heart before it’s too late?

We encourage you to work on your intuition! Yes, you can easily call a love psychic intuitive and get moment clarity on what’s going on. But you can often learn to do much of the same thing yourself, over time…simply by tuning in to your innate psychic sensitivity, and tapping into the emotional energy of your partner.

(After all, WE believe that everything we do in this lifetime is already encased in our emotional energy, and “reading” this precisely is ALL you need to do to know what’s coming down the road for ALL of us!)

Accentuating your own sensitivity simply requires you to be much more “aware” than you may be right now, and honing in on what the universe is trying to tell you. (you just have to start paying attention..:-)

The bottom line?

Every relationship is truly part and parcel of your particular path and destiny. Some are harder to let go of than others….and some heartbreaks are harder to see coming, too. To truly uncover your own path, and to truly see your soul mate super early, either talk to someone who can help you do it super quick….or simply hone your own intuition and help yourself instead! (Or better however…do both!)

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