History of the Suzuki T350 Motorcycle

The Suzuki T350 is a Japanese motorcycle that was first released in 1969. The original Suzuki T350 was powered by just a single cylinder piston two-stroke air-cooled 315 cc engine. This engine was fairly quick for its time allowing the bike to reach 0-60mph in just 6.2 seconds. Many bikers enjoy this form for both its hard-chief bike style and its amazing 90mph high speed. Many models of the Suzuki T350 were released over a four year period until production stopped in 1973.

The first Suzuki T350 form released in 1969 was known as the Rebel. This Suzuki T350 form provided bikers with a fast single cylinder piston port two-stroke engine and it could easily reach 0-60 in a insignificant 6.2 seconds. Many people were surprised by the small fuel capacity (3.9 gallons) which helped Suzuki strive to take out the drawing board for the Suzuki T350 2 which was released just one year later in 1970.

The 1970 Suzuki T350 2 was installed with a much more efficient engine than the before released Suzuki T350. The engine was an air-cooled 315cc with similar twin and a piston-valve sleeved aluminum 2 stroke. The overall weight of this machine remained the same as its predecessor at just 149kg. The biggest difference between the two models was the framework. The Suzuki T350 2 had a smooth look that many just couldn’t seem to compete with at the time, not to mention the speed in addition.

In 1971 the Suzuki T350R Rebel made an turn up on dealers floors and came equipped with the same specifications as the past two models released. The biggest difference in this form, as with many of the models, was the framework. The release of the 1971 Suzuki T350R Rebel brought a new look on to the market slightly resembling a current day chopper. This bike weighed just 5 pounds lighter than both the original Suzuki T350 and the Suzuki T350 2.

The next release for Suzuki’s T350 was the Suzuki GT350 in 1971. This release again took on the job to revamp the body in order to compete with competition. Many specifications remained the same with this bike except for the ground clearance of 160 mm. This ground clearance helped many bikers learn what it was like to truly get a breath of fresh air with the Suzuki T350 otherwise known as the Suzuki GT350.

The last form was released in the year 1972 and Suzuki kept its original name intact calling it simply, the Suzuki T350. The engine in this form remained the same the horsepower shot up to 36 clocking in at 7,000 rpm presumably reaching 8,000 on a good day. Suzuki offered many models for the Suzuki T350, though mostly the body changed while the specifications remained the same. The Suzuki T350 models offer riders a comfortable ride with two seats and suspension that can make a rocky road out of use. This era of bikes have came to be classics and it is a special rarity to find one you could call your own.

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