Hot Wii Games For Christmas 2009

Hot Wii Games For Christmas 2009

In the past years, the Nintendo Wii was the most sought after gaming console for the Christmas holiday season. This year, brisk sales are again expected for the family oriented game system as it takes a price cut for the first time ever. If you’ve been on the fence for buying the Wii, here’s your chance to play the hero parent to your kids and take advantage of this price drop. Of course, with the sale in price, this also gives you the additional cash to buy more Wii games. For this holiday season, here are the most expected Wii games for Christmas 2009.

1. The Beatles: Rock Band.

If you have a Beatles fan in your family, then this is a no-brainer. Get this game. This game follows the career of one of the greatest band in history. However, you won’t just be witnessing history in this music playing game; you’ll be participating in the Beatles most noticable songs in addition. It is a beautiful mesh of music play and game animation.

2. Wii Fit Plus

The Wii Fit Plus is the sequel to the blockbuster Wii Fit game that was instrumental in placing so many Wii system consoles into the homes of non gamers. It made exercising fun and proved to be a viable different to a gym membership. With the Wii Fit Plus, there are already more exercises and better multiplayer sustain so the whole family can participate in being healthy.

3. New Super Mario Bros.

This game is an homage to the first game that launched the little Italian plumber into super stardom. In the New Super Mario Bros., you nevertheless get the nostalgia of collecting coins, powering up, and dodging enemies. However, this is the era of the Wii and at the same time play is emphasized. That’s right, no more player 2 waiting in wings to take his/her turn. Up to 4 players can play at the same time either in cooperation or in competition.

So with the Nintendo Wii price cut this season, earn additional points for yourself from the family by tossing one of these games into the shopping cart in addition.

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