How to acquire Phone Numbers for Your VoIP Connection

One important aspect that is often forgotten when making the change to VoIP is what to do about phone numbers. Some people or businesses who have been using the same number for decades may be reluctant to get a new one solely for VoIP. however, others have no problems with using a brand-new number or setting up a call forwarding service from the old number to the new.

There are multiple ways of getting phone numbers for a new VoIP connection. But before you do so, you need to decide if you want to keep the old number or not. Phone companies in the United States are required to provide number portability – this method that users are able to take their numbers with them when they switch from POTS to VoIP. However it is not a requirement for VoIP vendors so not all of them provide this different.

Number portability is not possible if the old service has been disconnected so ensure that you keep the connection until the time of action is complete. Although this doesn’t happen frequently, your current service provider may delay the time of action of number portability in order to retain you as their customer. Many people will give up on switching to VoIP if the time of action takes more than a associate of weeks at most.

already if number portability is technically possible, some features will simply not work with the ported number. If so, you may have to choose between retaining the number or the set of features that came with your old service. Sometimes, a vendor may not be able to provide the number in a particular area and you may end up waiting for a associate of months for the provider to expand to your location. The service is not always free and number portability may be obtainable for a monthly fee or a one-time payment. In any case, it is better to confirm with your VoIP provider beforehand.

For those who have no issues with simply getting a new number, most paid VoIP sets will offer at the minimum one new number (although many will include multiple numbers in the subscription plan). Some people are content to use free VoIP apps and don’t want to pay for the new number. Quite a few sets such as Google Voice offer free numbers with any area code without any charges (quite often, this is only obtainable in the United States). Google Voice offers number portability in addition, so it may be the best choice for a lot of people.

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