How to Use Your Website to Build Relationships With Your Clientele

You do not want prospective clients to visit your website once, never to return. If used properly, your website can become a powerful marketing tool that encourages your clients to return again and again. A website provides you with rare opportunities to build a relationship with your clientele.

A relationship with your clientele will help you build customer loyalty, give you the priceless opportunity to get feedback, and open the dialogue between you and your clients and prospective clients.

Building that relationship can be as easy as creating an interactive website:

Add a blog. Blogging has become a popular way for businesses to develop relationships with their clients, so consider adding a blog to your website. Be sure to update your blog frequently with posts about the latest company news, your newest products and/or sets, and ask for feedback from your clients. When someone responds to a blog post, read the post, and answer it in a timely manner. Dialogue between you and your clientele will show your clients that you are listening, will allow you to find out what they like and do not like about your business, and will give you ideas for improving and expanding your business.

Many web hosts allow you to add a blog to your website in only a few minutes. But, already if your great number doesn’t offer blogging capabilities, there are free blogging websites you can use to start a business blog.

Include a sign-up box. Capturing the email addresses of your website visitors is an effective way of beginning to build a relationship with them. In exchange for a visitor giving you his name and email address, offer him something: A free report or a discount on his first buy with your business. Once you have built a list of clients and prospective clients, start sending out regular emails announcing your business’s latest news, sales, and other information that is important to your clientele.

Offer a free e-newsletter. A free e-newsletter, sent out once a month or several times a month, is often an effective way to keep in touch with your customers. A free e-newsletter may include an article or several articles pertinent to the products or sets you are selling, letters from clients with questions or comments, and special deals for newsletter recipients. How small or large your e-newsletter is is up to you and your creativity.

Consider posting applicable audio or video podcasts on your website. Podcasts can be a great way of getting clients to return to your website. For example, if you run a pet sitting business, you might want to frequently publish podcasts that will be of interest to your clients. You might characterize a video on how to keep a pet cool on a hot summer day or how to ease a pet’s separation anxiety. In addition to showing your skill, you will be providing your clients with valuable information they can truly use.

Turn your website into an interactive experience for your clients and prospective clients by providing them with the opportunity to give their feedback, to post on your blog, and to learn that you really do listen to what they are saying about your product or service.

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