Indian Students Going oversea for Medical Studies, a Trendsetter

Indian Students Going oversea for Medical Studies, a Trendsetter

Medicine has always been one of the most desired specialized courses of all time. Over the years, a trend has set among Indian medical aspirants – going oversea for medical studies. When we look at it after a year of pandemic, there are various new aspects that students check before choosing the right medical university. This includes better infrastructure, the formation of the University, National Government-run universities, quality of education, availability of modern medical equipment, availability of International Airport in the same city as the university, functional training and patient exposure.


Many countries across the globe offer medical studies with universities that are excellent in providing the best of education. The major destinations to study MBBS oversea include Ukraine and Russia and in the last decade, Ukraine has become the most favourite destination for medical studies.


Ukraine follows the European Credit move System. The country’s universities also follow a daily examination pattern where the students are prepared in such a way that they study every day for exams. This helps students to prepare better for different medical licensing examinations. Ukraine has a high pass percentage for FMGE. FMGE which will be called “NEXT” in the coming years is a mandatory test in India for students who have completed their medical courses from oversea. Passing the NEXT examination allows them to practice in India, hence it is important for all FMG’s.


5 UAH coin introduced by National Bank of Ukraine on the 225th Anniversary of Lviv National Medical University


Ukraine shares borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Russia, and Belarus, making it a typical European country. Another important factor about the country is its exchange rate. 1 Ukrainian hryvnia equals 2.77 Indian Rupee and this is an affordable rate compared to other foreign countries. This makes student life less expensive in Ukraine and gives them a comfortable stay. The majority of the medical universities in Ukraine come under State or National Governments and this make availing an educational loan for students much easier.


The government of Ukraine conducts a uniform examination for all the medical students – KROK1 & KROK2 – this is advantageous for students who wish to give multiple-step medical licensing exams like PLAB, USMLE in the future.


Ukraine’s education system is highly organised. The students are divided into a group of 12-14 numbers and are given great attention. This is a meaningful approach as it makes studies much functional. Most Ukrainian Universities have highly qualified teaching staff and professors who guide the students efficiently.


The country is safe in general and with its great heritage and beauty, Ukraine provides a great stay for all students.


Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University


Some of the best and most preferred government medical universities in Ukraine are Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University in Lviv and universities in Kharkov. These universities with their tradition, heritage, infrastructure and education system provide extremely efficient education to medical students.


Lviv National Medical University is the oldest university in Ukraine with the largest hospital in Western Ukraine. The University takes in the greatest number of international students for the medical courses and maintains the highest pass percentage for FMGE. Of all the medical universities in Ukraine, Lviv National Medical University has an upper hand as it is considered one of the best for its more than 200 years of heritage and legacy. The university also provides an education system that is easy to follow, with professors and teaching staff who are experts in their respective fields.


Russia is however another country with a top-notch education system, with great quality of education. The country offers recognised degrees in medicine and provides education for an affordable fee. Russia also is one of the oldest destinations in the world where Indian students travel to pursue MBBS.


Tuition Fees for an complete MBBS course in Ukraine varies between 18-22 lakh and in Russia, it is 15-35 Lakhs INR.

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