Insider Tips For Saving Time and Money in Disney Theme Parks

Insider Tips For Saving Time and Money in Disney Theme Parks

Disney theme parks are a great vacation destination for kids and families. Problem is, most families with kids travel to Disneyland at the same time of year – the summer months. This is the peak vacation season for travellers and Disney theme parks are no exception.

Travellers are better off planning ahead when it comes to visiting Disneyland in Anaheim and Walt Disney World in Orlando. Doing so will avoid the frustration that many parents have when planning a Disney vacation. A good strategy will cut town on line-up wait times and help save you money on your vacation.

Best Day of the Week

It goes without saying that crowds will be smaller during the off season, but for many families, especially those with school-aged children, this is not possible. If you cannot avoid the off season, try to go during the last week of June or the first week of September. Once July 4th rolls around, Disney parks is in high gear. If you are planning a July or August trip to Disneyland, Tuesdays by Thursdays are best. While Disneyland does not release daily attendance records, weekends are noticeably busier than week days.

Best Time of Day

Any parent knows that getting out the door with kids in the morning can be a daunting task. Families on vacation like to sleep in and take their time getting out the entertainment park. Use this to your advantage by getting up early and arriving at Disneyland or Walt Disney World early. It will pay off considerably. You will get into the park quicker and line-ups for attractions will be short. Disney usually opens at 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. during the summer. Be sure to ask your hotel for a wakeup call and give yourself and your family plenty of time to get to the park.

I also recommend that people leave the Disney park around lunch time or shortly thereafter. This is when the park is its busiest, the weather is hot, line-ups are long, and kids are starting to get tired. This is a good opportunity to head back to your hotel, have a snooze, rest your feet, or cool off with a swim. Meltdowns usually happen in the late afternoon for kids (and parents) who try to go straight by without a break.

Use the FastPass

FastPass is a ticket you can get on select Disney rides that give you a timeslot in which you can bypass the line for a particular allurement. You are only allowed one Fastpass at a time, and typically have to return to the ride in about an hour to bypass the line-up. Think of the FastPass as a buddy who holds your identify in line. Upon entry to Disneyland, head straight for your favourite allurement (or the most popular) and grab a FastPass, slip in a quick ride on a different allurement, then return to redeem your FastPass. You can repeat this pattern all day long.

Save Money on Disney Area Hotels

Because there are so many hotels within a short radius to Disneyland, there is often an opportunity to get a great deal on a hotel. Although many hotels have excess capacity, they are reluctant to publish major discounts on hotel rooms because customers with existing reservations may need a discount in addition. Instead, many hotels sell off excess capacity to hotel reservation websites that do not show the name of the hotel until after you buy. Hotwire and Priceline are two popular ‘opaque’ hotel reservation websites.

Although travellers can usually get better hotel deals on Priceline, I recommend families avoid using Priceline for Disney vacation hotels for a associate reasons. First, Priceline hotel room reservations are only guarantee accommodation a maximum of two hotel guests. This is problematic for parties of three or more. Second, Priceline hotel reservations do not guarantee any particular amenities. While most Anaheim and Orlando area hotels have swimming pools, it would be a major disappointment to ‘win’ a hotel on Priceline that did not have one.

Hotwire is a safer choice for families while nevertheless offering great discounts. Anyone considering Hotwire should use a associate minutes checking out the Hotwire hotel lists, a list of hotels known to be obtainable on Hotwire as reported by actual Hotwire customers. By comparing the amenities on the hotel lists to those on Hotwire, it is often possible to show the name of a hotel before you buy.

Save Money On Meals

Most hotels have mini fridges. It is often worthwhile to take a taxi to a supermarket and stock up on essentials – soft drinks, sandwich supplies, and breakfast cereal. Disney does not allow outside food into its parks unless a visitor has food allergies. Fortunately, portion sizes are large in Disneyland and can usually be shared.

I ingemination taking my nieces to Disneyland back in the mid 90’s. We did not have a lot of money and the hotel we were staying at only had a mini fridge and a coffee maker. We got really creative and used the coffee make to boil water to make moment noodles and other moment meals that required boiling water. We already threw some wieners in the coffee pot (without the coffee of course) and had hotdogs!

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