Is God Your Top Priority?

Is God Your Top Priority?

Open your Bible to Proverbs 8:17 it says… I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

What are you fixing your mind on today? Is God your top priority? God wants to be in a thorough relationship with you! Do you have a passion with enjoyment to talk about God? Do you lift up the name of Jesus to the highest level in your life? You see, your life should be always about seeking God.

Instead of listening to depressing thoughts from the devil, you can open your Bible and stir yourself up with scriptures about God’s plan for your life. You can read about God’s will and purpose for you.There are men and women who love God above everything else and are hungry to see His strength and glory revealed in their lives. Something is stirring up in the heart’s of God’s Sons and Daughters right now. Say, thank you, Lord!

God has planned for His Sons and Daughters to think, talk, and act as Jesus did. Jesus came to show you what it is like to live a life concentrated on God. God wants His people to take kingdom dominion on earth. Yes, your will must be totally surrendered to God and your life totally consumed in fulfilling His will.

The renewing of your mind to the mind of Christ must be a constant course of action. Hallelujah! Until your thoughts, desires, intentions, and purposes are aligned with the will of God. Today you can be in fellowship with Jesus and can direct your actions toward pleasing God and fulfilling what the scriptures talk about.

God longs for you to know Him! God wants you to love His presence! God enjoys giving you encouragement from His information and He must be glorified! Always! You and I were produced to bring God pleasure. This takes effort. This takes work. This takes spending time in God’s information. This takes prayer and praising Him.

Is God your top priority? Are you a good influence for Christ? Are you a God-dependent person or a self-dependent person? Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord? Why am I asking? Because you will never be able to do all that needs to be done in your life without God’s help.

You see, when God is your top priority, there will be things that will come into your spirit to do. He does not want you to just drift by life without His direction. God wants you walking in His plan for your life. He has a plan for you for the rest of your life. You can ask for His guidance in discovering what that plan is.

Why is that important? Because there are many times where God had to get someone to do something that another person had failed to do. Read your Bible, and you will find that those who pleased God were the ones who made God their top priority. You see, when you truly seek God, you will find Him. Now, raise your hands and say, I love you God! Teach me, how to make you my top priority!

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