Law of allurement – How to Attract Your Soulmate

Law of allurement – How to Attract Your Soulmate

All life is energy. We usually think of energy as a source for heating the furnace in our homes or making the engines in our cars work… like gasoline or electricity; but aren’t people, human beings, also pushed by energy? Of course we are: we take in calories to that the body can course of action the food (the body’s gasoline) into a fuel to make itself go. These are all physical examples of energy at work.

The mind is also a machine of sorts: doesn’t it produce something? Doesn’t the mind produce thoughts? And just like the furnace produces heat by energy the mind produces thoughts by energy but this energy isn’t physical energy it is metaphysical energy.

Metaphysical? Meta indicates “things above” but in this sense of above we average “before or first” things. Physical indicates the material things as we know. So Metaphysical indicates before the physical! We have to think about the things we want before we can have those things: it must be in the mind before it can be in the flesh!

What are some physical things that we want? To have wealth we need to think in a wealthy way, to have love we need to think in a loving way, to have peace we need to think in a peaceful way! The thought, the product of the mind, will always come before the product of the material.

And isn’t this something we know from our everyday experience? Before we eat Chinese food we have the thought of going to a restaurant, what kind of restaurant, how we will get there, and what we will eat. If we want the shirt we first think about the shirt, decide to go to the store, get over to the mall, look by the choices and then pick… the thought precedes the thing (shirt in this case).

However, suppose one did not have the money to buy a very nice shirt they saw at the store. What is one to do? Well the act of seeing themselves mentally wearing the shirt and feeling how good they will look wearing the shirt will activate the law of allurement and draw the resources to buy the shirt into ones experience.

So why would wealth, love, or peace be any different? If you want to manifest any of these things in your life you need to see them first in your mind’s eye. This is the amazing metaphysical strength of the mind. Your thoughts are the energy that starts the manifestation of things into physical form.

Every thought you think is like planting a seed and every seed brings after its own kind.

consequently, how can one use the law of allurement in manifesting their soul mate? The first step is to get very definite about the kind of person you want to have in your life what will they look like? What kind of career will they have? Will they be very educated academically or will they be more functional and self-taught? What kind of characteristics will they have?

Now does this average you are attracting the person you desire and not your true soul mate? Well I believe this is possible, but I also know that desire in its root information method “of the father” so what you deeply desire is truly your souls perception of divine will. In addition, I would interject “this or the person of divine design” when thinking about your soul mate or once you have met a person that fits the bill and you think may be your soul mate.

I truly personally did exactly what I am writing about here otherwise I would not be advising on it. Unfortunately though, I settled for persons that were not what I had in mind prior to the manifestation of my real soul mate. This was a mistake that cost me to suffer in love for many years with the wrong people. But it did help me in many ways to cultivate the traits I needed to have a successful relationship with my real soul mate later on.

Once I was done feeling sorry for myself and done healing deeply from the damage that was produced from several dysfunctional relationships I was ready for the real thing. Although I had kind of forgotten my ideas and visualizations of several years prior about my soul mate. My soul mate manifested into my life in one of my darkest hours like an angel sent from above.

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